sometimes fortune follows the brave.

This is a Happy Dance

This is Flamingo Dancer doing her happy dance.

Flamingo Dancer is happy dancing because she has a job offer!

And there in lies the twist. I was originally rejected for this position. In fact all applicants were rejected and they decided to advertise a second time, nationally. I wrote them a professional email “polite but assertive” and stated that I thought they had misjudged me, and addressed some of the issues I felt needed clearer understanding.

Well, apparently they respected my assertive action, and considered that I have guts, and so decided to give me the role after all. It was the plum position I really really wanted (please, please, please)  in a private co-ed high school. The library is moving into a new building that is being completed over the holidays. Swish, as my sister would say.

Happy, grateful. Relieved.

Now I shall enjoy the rest of my holidays, as we all know the best time in a new job is in the period before you actually start it and come crashing down to reality!

39 thoughts on “sometimes fortune follows the brave.

  1. Oh yay, yay, yay! I’m so very happy for you! I want you to know that you were the inspiration for me to go back to school, and I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t mentally thank you for it! I actually wrote an admissions/scholarship application about you titled something about dancing flamingos. Congratulations and have a wonderful holiday!


    • Yes, it is a life lesson. Aim high and you can always come down a little, but aim low and you can never go up… or something like that.

      It is my strict regime of couch sitting and self indulgence that got me into the girdle that got me into the dress!


    • I always amierdd these dolls as I was growing up, though never received one. I forgot about them until I saw them at a Hallmark store. By then, my daughter was about to turn ten. With her 10th Birthday we began the tradition of ordering a large round cake and asking that the center be left blank so that we could place the doll in the center. I always line the bottom of the doll with foil and/or plastic. We have some beautiful pictures of her with her doll cake. She will turn 18 in February and I already have her new doll. We really panicked for her 16th birthday when production had stopped and I had to go on the internet to find one (unfortunately, it did not come until the week AFTER her BD).


    • Am looking for falennl fabric that has barnyard animals, horses, ducks, and chickens and pigs (three separate fabrics)caricatures. I purchases some at the Mancuso show in Manchester, NH in August and need more. Many thanks.


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