Monday resolutions

The first week of work for the year raced by in a haze of heat, induction, finding my way, first aid classes, pedagogy and professional development, but it was stimulating and empowering. Almost worth leaving holidays behind!

Naturally, things on the home front came to a screeching halt, as by the end of the day my mind is mush, and I am so tired I fall asleep watching the evening news. I have to say though that the uncluttering has been an absolute positive and some stress was definitely lessened because life was more organised and streamlined. Yeah for that resolution! I have made some effort though to maintain things. Paper comes in the door, it is dealt with and despatched immediately. I now deal with things as soon as possible rather than on the tomorrow plan. As they say, tomorrow never comes!

The food thing is not so good. The school has provided a number of lunches, all healthy food (though not near enough of it for the numbers!) but much of it not quite what someone with severe diverticulitis should eat, such as seeds and grain breads, so I tried the best I could and hope I don’t suffer in a day or two.

The real problem is that despite best intentions I have been so tired by the end of my day that I have stopped to buy take out. Bad Flamingo Dancer.  Mr FD is not a cook, his talents lie more in the eating!

Sunday I went to the supermarket for groceries and planned for ingredients that would allow me to make meals ahead of time. Once home, and though exhausted from putting the groceries away, I marched on and cooked three meals that can be eaten over the new few days. They either need popping in the oven to reheat, or just a little last minute prep such as boiling pasta. We should be covered until Thursday, which is a public holiday (Australia Day) and so I can think about Friday then. Friday is a good night for left overs as Son has dinner with a friend that night and it is just Mr FD and I at home usually. Or it can be take out night then, as we will have been perfect all week. Way to go, Flamingo Dancer!

Exercise, well that has taken the form of being on my feet all day, moving things around the new library and parking in the car park furthermost from the library (and carting bags of books and resources from my car to my office!) Not good, but better than I was achieving believe me.

The resolution that has taken me most by surprise was to be more active in my life. I have been very conscious of applying this in the small moments, such as when speaking with someone. Now. where once I may have continued note taking, or making lists when I was speaking with someone, always multi tasking, I stop, put the pen down and give my full attention on the person. Sure I slip into my evil ways, but I come back to the moment and  remind myself to pay attention and I do try.

The surprise has been that those small moments of awareness are not only helping me to build stronger relationships, but in some almost magical way they are making me calmer and I am enjoying my own life more. It is a realisation that has stunned me. To think that just being mindful and slowing down the moments can enrich my own life so quickly and immensely has been not only surprising, but a reward I did not fully anticipate when I made my resolutions.

So 2012 continues to bring me unexpected gifts, but in a way they are gifts that I am giving myself, for it was my decision to change, to choose the resolutions I have and to make an effort to follow through, that has brought me the gifts. I have enriched my own life, and in such a short time. All I can say is how very, very glad I am that I did so and didn’t wait for another tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Monday resolutions

  1. You have diverticulitis? Mine isn’t severe, but it does make me hyper-conscientious about the food I eat. It was another reason why I became vegetarian, though those darn calcium supplements and a love of cheese don’t help much. Good on you for fixing your own meals. I would try to pack my own when I worked at a college because the cafeteria food was marginally healthy. (They tried, but they also had to keep in mind the diet of your average middle-American college student—pizza, tacos, and burgers.) There were some days where I would run out of time or hadn’t bothered to go shopping for a few days however: then it was flaccid salad from the cafeteria salad bar or a veggie pizza topped mostly with tomatoes and green peppers for color. It was pretty but disappointing to eat. Once in a while the faculty and staff would ask the college to give them a lounge with a small kitchen for heating up meals, but given they didn’t even have enough space for classes, we knew that wasn’t happening soon.


    • Yes, I do. It must be about 15 years now. I have tried eating everything and anything and that worked for awhile, but then I started to suffer attack after attack and they sent me off to all sorts of doctors and were discussing cutting out large bits of colon but I tracked down an expert in the field (a professor, no less) and he said no surgery and porridge for breakfast and avoid seeds and tiny grains. It has been less severe, but I do try to care. I love tomatoes and gave them up as the pain is not worth the joy of eating them!


  2. “Mindfulness” just like meditation is something that I too should be practising more often, but it needs the sort of discipline that I often lack.

    Go Mr FD… culinary talents also lie more in the tasting than in the preparation. 🙂


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