school days, school days, golden rule days

Today the first of the students returned to school. We had the year eight students, looking a little nervous and a little uncomfortable in their new uniforms, and the year twelve students, who of course, now in their senior year, are just too cool for school

And naturally, it poured with rain all day. It has rained so much that parts of our city are flooding again, though not on the scale as last year, but  the deluge has only just begun, and expected to last for the rest of the week!

The students came through the library during their lunch break and were very excited by the couches and bean bags. More than once I heard the comment “it looks like a university!”

Of course their major thrill was meeting their new teacher librarian – the fabulous Flamingo Dancer. I danced around them and showed them all the coolest bits of the library. The boys especially love the power outlets built into the floor and hidden by a little metal flap that they can use to charge their laptops if need be. That made them suck in their breath with excitement.

The Principal came in during the morning and we discussed plans to turn one of the rooms into a chill out room for the indigenous students. They tend to need somewhere to hang out and so we are going to try to lure them to the library and I will be able to assist them if they need. Indigenous artwork has been commissioned and we will hang that to try and give them a sense of identity.

A large screen television is being installed in what is being called “the pit” ,a sunken amphitheatre in one corner of the library, and I am thinking I might play movies during the lunch hour. They only get half an hour for lunch ( they get two half hour breaks in a day) so it would take a week to play a movie, but it might give the marginalised kids an out of the playground.

The staff had all been incredibly friendly. I did have one incident yesterday. We were doing fire training  and waiting  to take turns using the fire extinguisher and a male teacher that I hadn’t met bowled up beside me and launches into “Oh Suzy was  gutted when she didn’t get the job, and she was treated so badly etc etc.” Not one word of welcome.

Suzy was acting in the role of librarian, but was failing and apparently has a very abrasive personality. It was decided that she was unsuitable for the job and so it was advertised. She was allowed to apply and was reinterviewed. As you know, they rejected all of us in the beginning and said they would advertise nationally, which they did. It was after this round that they came back and offered me the job (after I sent them an email arguing my case and telling them they were misguided in rejecting me). So I got the job, unaware of the internal politics that were happening. I had nothing to do with displacing her, obviously she was gone long before I arrived.

Why he felt the need to confront me I don’t know. At the time I said, “I understand how she must feel,” as I have honestly stated previously, but what I really should have said was “And what exactly am I to do with this information you felt I must know?” I just ceased any further comments and he flounced off back to his dark miserable hole. I have since found out that he is as much on the outer as “poor Suzy”. The school has been trying to shed both of them for some time and I suppose they are united in their anger and mean spirits.

They can’t rain on my parade, well the rain is actually doing that, but I am very happy at present (I expect that to wear off about Friday) and he is not going to shift his misery to me.

Oh, and I warned them all that I find being nice exhausting, and that my evilosity will no doubt burst out shortly, but they just laughed. People always think I am joking when I say that. Ah well, all I can say is, that they have been warned.

Such is life.

8 thoughts on “school days, school days, golden rule days

  1. I do wish you were our librarian! Wait… I wish that were our library!!!! Wow. Our library has just one thing in common with yours: books.


  2. Such is Flamingo Dancer’s life that it reads like fiction….or a fairy tale.

    “Of course their major thrill was meeting their new teacher librarian – the fabulous Flamingo Dancer.”

    “I just ceased any further comments and he flounced off back to his dark miserable hole.”

    Thank you for the morning smiles.


  3. On the positive side, that individual has given you something to write about and cause to ponder the eccentricities of some representatives of the genus Homo scholaticus


  4. You know, even at my job at McDonalds, I smiled and acted like I was having a blast–therefore, I was their favorite employee! (Not that I’ll EVER go there again. LOL!) And when I acted like I was having a good time, I did have a good time. So why are they so unhappy? The other employees weren’t as favored because they would grump and cause trouble.


  5. congratulations on your new job; by the sound of things you must be teaching somewhere in south east queensland. I was a teacher in my former life and mostly enjoyed it. And btw the cleaner came! I took your advice and learnt much from him


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