To be or not to be … a gentleman

If you are someone who swears, honks your horn in traffic or speaks loudly on the phone at a restaurant then today is the day to curb your “ungentlemanly” ways.

It is as simple as showing a little bit of consideration, according to Brisbane father of two Peter Ryan, who is hosting his second annual Be A Gentleman Day.

Mr Ryan says while what is considered to be gentlemanly behaviour has changed over time, the values of a gentleman have not. He hopes to revive those values around the word, with hundreds of people having already joined his cause from 30 different countries. “We are living in a very different society today to the traditional image of the Victorian gentleman,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “To be or not to be … a gentleman

  1. While I certainly concur with and appreciate his efforts, cause and sentiments, truth us we’ve ‘evolved’ into an incedibly self-centered and careless culture. There is no reason to hope for improvement, rather reason to despair.


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