bring on an Australian republic

I spent some time on Friday emailing Australian Labor politicians, the politicians in our government,  voicing my support for Kevin Rudd in the leadership ballot with Julia Gillard on Monday, as he is the Prime Minister that we voted in, and did not  ask to be removed.

I also think he is the one to get  Opposition Leader Tony Abbott out of the picture and I would happily throw Julia under a bus to achieve that.

I respect Julia, but I do not like midnight attacks. A prime minister deserves more respect than to be ousted by a few faceless politicians in the middle of the night (June 2010)

This  ongoing chaos is the perfect argument for an Australian republic and a national leader elected by the people.

2 thoughts on “bring on an Australian republic

  1. Well said FD. Unfortunately I suspect the Labor Party is going to end up in an even bigger divisive schmozzle if they don’t sort the leadership issue out on Monday..


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