when do we want it?

damn, damn. damn, damn

Can’t they slow down the weekend somehow?

It is already Sunday morning and the weekend is half over.

I need more weekend.

I want more weekend, now!


If I was Queen of the World, things would be different. Oh yes they would.

14 thoughts on “when do we want it?

  1. That photo is interesting. I have to assume that the flying stars are wind driven. My daughter, Princess, would like to know for certain, however. Anyway, I understand your desire for more weekend. Being a mom with kids, I often find myself wishing for more week.
    Princess says her only weekend is Saturday. Anyway, don’t worry. Next weekend will be here before you know it.


      • I’m with you there. Most of my free time comes when my kids are in school, though. My daughter is nine and is in school all day M-F. My son, however is only four and is showing signs of autism. There’s a local preschool that is helping us with him and he goes there about three and a half hours a day M-Th. I’m a selfish mommy, though. I can’t help but wish he was in school all day long, like his sister. More time to reconnect with my husband, if nothing else.


        • One of the mothers was working with us in the library one day this week when the end of day bell rang. I said “you can have them back now” [her children]. “No!” she replied. She has four children.


  2. If you were here at my house in Central Washington State, you could look forward to Saturday night and all day Sunday. But it’s cold and dreary here, so I’m thinking you’d rather have it be Sunday morning in Australia where it’s sunny and warm (or warm and rainy?)


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