Resolution Monday

Where am I in the adherence to my New Year Resolutions, now that we are two months in? Win some, some not out of the gate, yet.

must change – Oh my, have I felt myself change! The bonus of a new workplace, and a job that is a challenge that I enjoy has wrought many changes within me. Some I can’t even put a name to, or explain, except to say that I feel more open, more willing to stretch outside of my comfort zone, and more accepting that despite my constant denial, I do have a few imperfections.

This week there was a quote on my desk calendar that said “imperfection is our paradise” (sorry I threw away the page so no author credit; shedding clutter is also a resolution!). I am quite certain I wouldn’t claim imperfection as paradise; in fact it reminds me of the wisdom imparted to a friend by her minister when she was going through a divorce: “We are put on earth to suffer.” I don’t think so.

So, no claim to be in paradise, but I am happier to say: I don’t know, but I will find out; I don’t understand, tell me again and of course, I don’t know how to do that, will you show me? The result of such an admission has allowed me to stretch into new areas that just weeks ago I would never have considered.

All I can say is what a difference two months can make!

2 thoughts on “Resolution Monday

  1. Seems like the Chinese calendar saying that 2012 would be an auspicious year- is coming true.

    While I know that the statement “We are put on this earth to suffer” is not the main point of your post, I always grin a little when I read/hear the word suffer. Ironman Athletes use it in terms of their races…. so I often hear them saying “I was suffering along pretty good until XYZ happened” It is a different perspective. Though i would agree, I do not think that our sole existence is to suffer.


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