daily matters

I am sitting in my office with the rain pouring down outside. The hands of the clock haven’t even reached 12 noon yet, and I am already drained from today.

I met with the principal and all is well. I went in armed with a few issues I wasn’t so happy about and gained some wisdom and guidance which I appreciated. I didn’t lose sleep over the scheduled meeting, but I am glad it is over. There are a few new directions for me to progress along too, which is what I wanted to achieve.

We have all experienced one of those weeks when, while life hasn’t been horrible, it has been messy, exhausting and a little disappointing. It has been one of those weeks.

The quote on my desk calendar reads; “By perseverance the snail reached the ark” (C.H. Spurgeon) and I feel like that snail today, with the big foot of the Big Whatever ready to tromp on me. I write “tromp” because that is a word my father always used with he got into trouble with my mother for trampling on some plant. “Oh dear someone tromped in his big boots…” In my mind it is the equivalent to the giant in his seven league boots! I feel the presence of that hovering boot.

It is hard to shake off such moods as energy seems to just get channelled into getting through the day, let alone lifting oneself out of the trenches.

Laughter is the best medicine, I know. I just need to go and find some as it seems in short supply around here.

someone forgot that I am a goddess

By the end of today I just wanted to crawl home, up the stairs to my bedroom, and under the blankets. 

1. I had to show a doco to a class that bored them stupid. After the class one of the students asked me if the school had paid money for the doco and when I said no (downloaded online) he replied “just as well”. So I felt like a failure there.

2. One of the ASD boys had a meltdown which ended up in him punching another student in the face. The victim was fine, but the ASD child found it impossible to calm down. Luckily he was in a study room and so I could isolate him, but the room had glass walls so he was visible to all the other students in the library. He would not allow me to enter the room either, so I hovered outside. We tried to contact support staff but being lunch time they were difficult to locate. Eventually my assistant went to hunt one down which she did, but it was the end of the lunch period by then. Luckily she was there though to walk the student out of the library.

So I was left with reports to write, and I am now praying that the parents of the student who was hit will be understanding of what happened and how it was handled. I am also so sad for the ASD student as he is normally a lovely young man, always polite and well behaved.

3. I was told that we had been given grant money to participate in ICT training – sort of train the trainers to train others. Three people were selected to go, and yes I am one of them. The other two are our IT guru teachers, so I already know I am going to be the comedy relief. Two whole days of it.

And tomorrow I get to have an “informal” chat with the principal to see how I am going so far. He said the emphasis is on informal, but after experiences last year I don’t trust that at all; though no indication to think otherwise,

Back in the trenches again.

A sweet, sweet day

A few of the school staff, teachers, clerical and support, have formed a book club and today was our first meeting. The book that was chosen was The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.

I had first read this book a couple of years ago, but maybe it was the mood I was in at the time, or my work load (I was studying) but I didn’t remember enjoying it. In fact, I couldn’t even remember reading it until I was a couple of chapters into it.

This time around  though I really enjoyed reading the book, and maybe because I knew we would be discussing it, I reflected on the story and the meanings much more.

We have agreed that whoever nominates the selected book (final decision is a title drawn from our suggestions from a list of titles that the town library has multiple copies for lending) will provide refreshments. So, as bees and honey are a motif of the book today’s hostess gifted us with some delicious home baked goodies.

The Honey syrup cakes were served with a warm honey syrup and whipped cream!

The next book is The Great Gatsby, suggested by moi, so I get to handle the menu. I am thinking jazz and cocktails, but we do meet in the school library. It is after school hours, but the sight of tipsy teachers wobbling out of the school might not quite be the standard to set.

Any suggestions?


daily matters

I am so stuffed full of cake, and party food, tea and everything else I could stuff into my mouth that I think I shall burst shortly. I may very well have poisoned myself through gluttony, but what fun it was while it lasted.

And there are still left overs for tomorrow!

They came, we ate, we partied, they left. A good time was had by all.

a slice of life

Tomorrow we are coming together for a triple celebration. On March 19th we celebrate my mother’s birthday, Daughter2’s birthday and our wedding anniversay. Looking back, none of it was good planning as no one gets their own celebration!

This year we are celebrating Mum’s 85th birthday and our 35th wedding anniversary (I told you marriage was a life sentence!). So today was spent baking cakes and cleaning the house, and once again our anniversary disappears into the background. Such is life, I suppose.

In the meantime, we shall all eat cake! Lots of cake!

a little bit sad

Margaret Whitlam : a life

Today a wonderful Australian woman died. Margaret Whitlam was the wife of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and to me  she was a great role model and redefined the role of the modern Australian woman.

Just as Eleanor Roosevelt redefined the role of the First Lady, so did Margaret Whitlam create the standard for the Prime Minster’s wife. However, she also showed that women could be independent and have opinions of their own.

A woman all Australians should be proud to call our own.

Margaret Whitlam  (1919-2012) with her husband former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam

Australian History 101

pressing wool

pressing wool

16,000 years ago Australia’s enormous inland lakes dry up and eventually become deserts

8,000 years ago The land bridge between Australia and Tasmania floods, leaving Tasmania an island

4,900 years ago Mount Gambier in South Australia erupts; This is the last volcano to erupt on the Australian mainland

1606 Dutch explorer Willem Jansz is the first recorded European to land on Australian soil

1797 The merino sheep is introduced to Australia

1829 The whole of Australia is claimed as British territory

1859 A farmer releases rabbits into the wild near Geelong; these 24 rabbits become the fastest multiplying mammals in world history

1886 The lamington is created in honour of Lord Lamington, Governor of Queensland

1895 Time zones are introduced across Australia

1902 It is now legal to swim at public beaches during the day

1906 The first full-length Australian feature film is produced—The Story of the Kelly Gang

1912 The Australian crawl swimming style is first used at an Olympic Games

1923 Vegemite is first produced

1930 Australia and Britain are  connected by telephone

1931 Sir Douglas Mawson claims almost half of Antarctica

1931 Arnhem Land is declared an Aboriginal reserve

1945 The Hills Hoist

1945 The Hills Hoist

1945 The Hills Hoist clothes line is invented

1958 Qantas offers the first round-the-world air service

1962 Indigenous Australians are given the right to vote

1966 Decimal currency is introduced in Australia -dollars and cents!

1966 In the Gurindji Walk Off around 200 Indigenous people protest against poor working conditions and wages; this begins a seven-year battle for land title in the Northern Territory

1969 An Australian radio telescope in Parkes, New South Wales, transmits the first pictures of the moon landing to the world

1971 The first McDonald’s opens in Australia

1973 The Sydney Opera House opens

1975 Colour television begins

1976 The Aboriginal Land Rights Act is passed

1984 ‘Advance Australia Fair’ becomes our national anthem

1988 Australia celebrates its Bicentennial; it is 200 years since the arrival of the First Fleet from England

1989 The internet becomes available to Australian universities

1990 Dr Fiona Wood begins developing skin sheets for burns victims

2008 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologises to Indigenous Australians of the stolen generations

2010 Mary MacKillop becomes Australia’s first saint

2010 Julia Gillard becomes Australia’s first female Prime Minister

metaphors by Judy Horacek