say cheese, eat cake

My adoring entourage paid homage to me, as they should.

One of the office staff, who share part of our library building, baked a cheesecake as a belated birthday cake for me. I was surprised with it this morning, along with a chorus of happy birthday from the people I work closest with.

As I have mentioned before, I have been given the gift of landing in a wonderful school this year, and an opportunity to work in the field that I love (libraries!). The circle of staff that I share each day with are the most amazing people that I have met in a long, long time. They are open, honest, humorous, selfless and intelligent.

It has been a difficult week for us all. We are all still reeling from the shock of our colleague, who also shared the building with us; and I have had my Mum’s health issues (still in hospital) to deal with. I think it was good therapy for all of us to feast on decadent cheesecake and laugh together for awhile. We all stepped lighter for the rest of the day.

Our friend’s funeral is on Monday. They can’t officially close the school, but they have offered the students the choice of staying home, or attending the funeral accompanied by a parent. However, there will be a few students who can’t stay at home and don’t want to go to the funeral. I am one of three teachers who offered to stay back at the school to supervise any students who come to school that day. I felt that it was what our friend would have done, and something I could do in his memory. It will be a sad day for all.

So, a sugar high was gladly welcomed today as was their gift of friendship.

Of course I am Flamingo Dancer, what is not to love?

4 thoughts on “say cheese, eat cake

  1. I think also that your friend would have been glad you stayed with the students on the day of his funeral. I hope you get your own moment to grieve or mark his passing, however. I did something similar when a much-loved colleague died several years ago; and while I was happy to do it, it also felt very lonely. Fortunately, several coworkers met later in the day for an unofficial wake and invited me to come with them. I got to hear the details of the funeral and some amusing office gossip; the beer was also very welcome at the end of a sad day.

    (I would have preferred cheesecake, but no one offered and beer was a nice second option.)


    • They are coming back to the school in the afternoon and we are having a wake after school. We have an amphitheatre in our library and a quiet grieving area has been set up there all week. Our friends photo has had pride of place there all week, and every time I walk from my office to the circulation desk I get clear sight of his face. I can’t help thinking how stunned he would be at how loved he was.


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