need to know basis

How much information is too much information?

In these days when there seems to be no boundaries limiting self disclosure, what is going too far? In a recent interview with school staff, including the male Principal, a mother of a prospective student described the difficulty of the student’s birth, and the fact that Mother Dear had required stitches after the birth. May I just add that this is a twelve year old student going on the waiting list for next year, not a new born going on a kindergarten list!

12 thoughts on “need to know basis

  1. LOL – what a strange world we live in. My mother would’ve died before disclosing such information (and actually I know very little about her 4 deliveries). I’ve been known to tell a comedic version of my first child’s birth but it requires a couple of glasses of wine and his admission to (anything) does not depend on the story….


  2. That is odd. I blame TV shows and the gory detail folk go into about their bodies and personal lives.
    We stick to comedy versions of the births when they crop up – Jo was born so quickly they had me standing at first slip, Heather took so long to be born they put us on the tea rota with the nurses . . . And Jo still thinks salad tongs and a toilet plunger had some part to play in Heather’s birth! (Failed venteuse, forceps delivery ……too much information? Lol)


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