Flamingo Dancer of the Streptococcus

I have a cold and I know who is to blame. No, not the germ laden students at school, or my fellow shoppers at the local shopping mall. It is Mr FD’s fault.

No, he doesn’t have a cold. On Sunday he asked me to go to the local pharmacy on his behalf, and I had to sign for the item and naturally, I used the pen they had on the desk. Obviously the pen was covered in plague and cold germs and my delicate immune system succumbed by Tuesday. Hence it is Mr FD’s fault that I have a sore throat, headache and aching ear.

And he knows he is responsible too.

7 thoughts on “Flamingo Dancer of the Streptococcus

  1. The nursing instructors I used work with told me to always wash my hands after I got back from running errands, because, in essence, the whole world is covered with germs. But I hope you feel better soon. I keep forgetting it’s fall where you are, so you’re entering cold & flu season.


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