Sacre bleu!

Every time there is a natural disaster or conflict somewhere in the world, my evil side turns to Mr FD and laments “We should have shares in a tent making company. or a water container company!”

The other thing that one always see everywhere, and has even been in my own home after last house move is those red, white and blue striped plastic carry bags with a zip closure.

Yes, truly cheap and nasty, but so handy if storing blankets or quilts. We used several to throw the linen into last time we moved houses, and I thought I might do the same this time.

Usually they are stocked at the local discount stores so off I headed today. First one store, then two; by the time I walked out of the fourth store I gave up. Apparently,  they are persona non grata in the storage world. Maybe the supply was exhausted after all the recent disasters. In the end I had to settle for some large plastic bags.

How can this be? A world without those crinkly striped little carry alls that could be guaranteed to shred or rip if overloaded or allowed to age in a cupboard? What will the refugees use as they flee over the border? How will Flamingo Dancer move house without them for pillows, towels and small fluffy toys (I can’t throw everything out!)?

Is nothing sacred anymore? Another pillar in my existence, gone…

What things did you think would always be there but disappeared (besides girlfriends or husbands!)?

radio for prams – bet no one ever suspected that wasn’t a stayer!

7 thoughts on “Sacre bleu!

  1. Hmm.
    Proper ring-a-ding dial telephones.
    My youth.
    My sense of taste.
    My sense of smell.
    My distance vision. (This is depressing)
    Coal walking on paths of newspaper set out by my Gran to save the carpet.
    My Gran.


  2. When I was getting ready to move to the West Coast, the agent from the moving company told me to pack my blankets, pillows, and other bedding in new large boxes. He said they were bulky but light enough that it would be easier to lift and carry out. Of course, being OCD, I had to have all of blankets and quilts placed in vacuum-sealed plastic cases before I put them in the boxes, but they were a lot easier to move when the time came.

    If these are things you plan to carry in your car from your old house to the new one however, then I can see where the plastic tote bags would be handy. Looking back, however, I think I saved far too much. I should have gotten rid of my bed and my books from graduate school. I don’t plan on doing any more reading on the history of English pedagogy, not at this point of my life!


    • Yes, I have thrown out all textbooks etc. Information updates so quickly these days, that the textbooks are almost out of date by the time they are printed! And to be honest, the first place we all go to is the internet for our information needs – we just need to be prepared to pay for quality!


    • Oh my gatos, Hangaku Gozen, the Space Bag! My OCD ex husband used to place my little girls’ Babrie wardrobe bits in those vacuum-sealed plastic cases. They come in MANY sizes.

      So funny, speaking of all things sacred, including the funny memories of my ex…

      Emily Reese


    • I have given up on mobiles as the buttons are getting way too small. My stress dream always centred on not being able to dial a phone in an emergency, so I am relieved I am not faced by the old style phone anymore, My stress dream now is that I can’t find my classroom and I know my studens are in there running amuck!


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