designed with style

We went to speak with a builder, and while at the housing display village toured some of their display homes.

looking from the kitchen into the media room

from kitchen towards living room and dining room.

These houses always look so wonderful as they are so beautifully styled and staged. Modern homes in Australia are very open plan – it suits our climate. We are very in favour of indoor and outdoor blurring into one.

al fresco area, to the left is a sliding door leading from the main bedroom, to the right a built in outdoor kitchen

Sliding door leading to the main bedroom

a little blurry but gives you a view from outside looking in

living room has doors onto al fresco area

kitchen, obviously

side garden

a second,  smaller house, same builder

main ensuite bathroom – to the left is the shower, to the right behind the wall behind the basin is the toilet.

main bedroom walk in robe

From the front door. Not impressed as can see the kitchen benches from the front door!

11 thoughts on “designed with style

  1. I love the side garden (do you get the fountain with that?) and the al fresco dining area. I like houses that allow the residents to move almost seamlessly inside and out, similar to the traditional Japanese houses that have sliding doors that open up to a courtyard or garden. It seems natural in an area where the climate is mild: yet so many houses built in California seem designed to block out the outdoors. Some of it has been done in the name of energy efficiency—thick walls and small windows keep heat from escaping in the winter and coming in during the summer—and some of it in the name of privacy and security. But it seems like such a waste of good views and sunshine. I hope Mr. FD is on the same page with you on these places. Tell him we voted to have you live in one of these!


    • We are more into an outdoor lifestyle, and of course we love our barbecues! In Queensland our winters are mild compared to more southern areas, but summers are hot and humid. Air flow is important. More and more of us are installing air conditioning, but we still favour the inside outside flow.


  2. I love the layout (I always want to buy all the staging furniture & decor – fortunately, there are now a lot of stores which sell it cheap) but I would ask for one tweak. I’d request those walls that are pure pocket doors… so you can open everything, hide the panels in the side wall, and have a Hawaiian-style wall-less transition from indoor to out. But that’s just my fantasy.


    • Many homes now have bifold or trifold doors that fold to the side, but the down side is that insect screens can’t be installed with them, as we have flies in the day and mosquitoes in the evening (and sometimes midges) and so I want my insect screens!
      I would love the new furniture too but budget won’t stretch to that. It does make you feel as though life were perfect if you lived there!


      • I don’t know what a midge is (will look it up) but I read it as “midget” and that was the funniest damn visual I’ve had in awhile… screens to keep the midgets out!!


  3. If you get one of those houses, I’m coming to visit! 😛 They’re beautiful! I like the outside-inside thing. We couldn’t pull it off here because it’s almost guaranteed that the porch would end up being filled in with snow drifts. 😛


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