a hair’s breadth

There I was minding my own business at the hairdressing salon, trying to stretch my small reserve of nice until I could retreat back into the Flamingo Dancer chateau, when I innocently mentioned that I was attending a librarian’s conference next week … and everyone laughed.

Librarians can be fun people.


You just wait and see.

20 thoughts on “a hair’s breadth

  1. I loved libraries as a kid. The circular one in Melbourne was my favourite. The hush, the order. Seriously I’d work in one at the drop of a hat.


  2. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that your conference will be slightly more reserved than the Pole Convention I attended last weekend. But I hope you have a good time!


    • Jane and I would like you to know that we don’t hush people. We do ask people to turn off their mobile phones and turn their ipods down so only they can hear it, but we do allow chatter these days!

      In fact, in a school library the noise can be quite something and a shush would be hopeless!


  3. Lol, I had to laugh when one of my teachers told us she was going to a Cataloguers Conference earlier this year. But the one that I find the idea of really funny is a Records Management Conference.

    FD tell GOM that no librarians think the shush joke is funny. πŸ™‚


    • Message delivered!
      Even I think those conferences would be so boring! All that debate about where to put the semi colon!
      I am attending one session on QRcodes (I always think Qld Railways when I see QR!) and mostly the IT stuff, so the brain cells will be scrambling!


  4. Go back there and tell them the librarian conference was canceled so you attended the Flamingo Dancer’s conference instead. That would stand some hairs on end! lol


  5. Agh, you should throw down the gauntlet and let them know your honor has been offended! Bookish people, whether they’re librarians, English professors, or writers, know how to party until the sun comes up and the hotel breakfast buffet is set. I speak from experience! πŸ˜€


    • I tend to agree with you as we are the epitome of elegance and taste, and if we chose to party, we would do it with style and vigour; however, we know my inability to be nice for any real length of time, so I am not sure how much partying there will be! I suspect we will all return to our rooms for a warm bath and a book!


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