needling each other

Mr FD and I are a little competitive with each other. Naturally, I win most of the time unless he cheats, which means I win all the time.

Our competition does take rather perverse forms at time. This week, we donated blood. I am always stunned that mine doesn’t in fact flow blue, but I suppose that does allow me to walk amongst the common people.

Mr FD is O group and I am A group. Mr FD is often contacted when supplies are low and feels quite special. The fact is that it is the most common blood group and hence the increased need, but he likes to pretend his blood is liquid gold. I allow him his fantasy, he has to have at least one…

We always donate blood together, for ever since I collapsed to the floor at work in the Basement of Discontent a couple of years ago I won’t donate during work time, or sadly without a carer. Luckily, nothing so drastic has happened since as I make an effort to eat and drink more on the day.

Mr FD likes to pretend he doesn’t know me and then say something to me, that someone other than a wife might not take too kindly, just to entertain unsuspecting medical staff. I know, he is a real hoot, isn’t he? Talk about original!

I just ignored him this week and got on with the business of saving lives. He had been processed before me, and completed his donation well ahead of me. In fact, his boast is that his blood pumped out faster than mine!  Thin blood that’s all; quality takes a little longer.

If he doesn’t quieten down soon, we will be timing how long it takes for him to bleed out on the kitchen floor.

13 thoughts on “needling each other

  1. LOL! I’m type A-, which is apparently a good blood type for donating platelets, so that’s what I generally do. Although it has been more than a year since I donated. I need to check into that again.

    Violet Winspear! That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long, long time. I never read harlequin romances, but my sisters did, so I recognize some of the authors’ names.


  2. Awwww, how fun. I’m glad you donate together, you know, “The family that donates together….” and kudos to you for saving lives.

    I’m unallowed to donate blood…work in Nigeria in the past. so I admire those that do.

    And I must say, My Dad just sent me 4 little tablets with the cover from those nurse harlequin covers!


  3. Gah, hypodermic needle picture…the one reason why I donate blood very rarely. I hate needles. I’ve fainted several times just having a needle stuck in my arm.

    When my second daughter was born, the obstetrician who delivered her cheerfully told my husband that “all Asian babies are born with positive blood types.” I had to bite my tongue, since the man was holding my child in his rubber-gloved hands. My mother has A negative blood, one of the rarer types. Not that she’s apt to share. She hates the sight of blood and has never donated hers.


  4. I consider everything in Life to be a competition (true statement), including the speed of blood donation. I’m A+… envious of Mr FD’s “universal donor” status.


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