word salad

I woke up one morning early last week to a Paul Simon song and now the lyrics “who am I to blow against the wind” have been on repeat in my incredible brain ever since.

So, here, have it in your head and maybe it will leave me alone!

The song was in the back of my head all week and what a week it was. My aide was away ill for two days, then I had to rush off to a job interview, which led to an offer of full time permanent employment at the school I have been teaching at all year (it was only a year contract to end of November). When the other school phoned to check my references they decided to finally tell me I am doing a “fantastic job” and that they wanted me to stay permanently. As I have been very happy there, and better the devil you know and the devil you don’t I agreed. And kids are kids wherever you go!

So maybe not blowing against the wind was just the attitude I needed. But now, it is all yours. Listen to it once, listen to it twice, just take it out of my head!

[And oh, what I know I know, is that you don’t ever let anyone else set your agenda. You need to do what feels right in your gut and your heart. Take responsibility and be resilient.]

9 thoughts on “word salad

  1. Well done on securing the job. Ratty and Mole. Speaking of Simon and Garfunkel, we have friends who know the words and sing the catalogue at any party we go to. It’s hard to believe that a broom, piece of water-pipe, or any other object close to hand can be transformed into a musical instrument, and you too can believe you are at the Concert in Central Park.


  2. Oh Lord, I didn’t need that in my head FD! lol Congrats on the job. I’m sure the job security is nice to have. You are right I’m sure, kids are kids no matter where you go.


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