All right Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up

For awhile now I have been positive that I am imprisoned within a European art film, all very much a tale of flat lined mediocrity with lots of melodramatic down moments, but few and very far between miniscule high points. This experience is largely cerebral as are continental movies and I am constantly praying for Woody Allen to come out of the shadows and yell “Wrap!”,  as I want to move onto the Hollywood version with the happy ending. I crave escapism and some entertainment viewing others have the low life for awhile, if not for the rest of my life!

I suspect The Big Whatever (TBW) is using montage in a manner not to produce the greatest emotional response in the audience, but to leave me limper than a linen tea towel after Christmas dinner. Locked in a drifting sequence of vaguely defined, ambiguous episodes that intertwine across time and place I feel that TBW is being unfairly authorial towards me. All I asked for was some simplicity in life, but instead I get bizarre alternate worlds and elements of surrealism!

How about you – Hollywood classic happy ever after, or art house experimental?

4 thoughts on “All right Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up

  1. TBW is definitely going through his keystone cops slapstick stage with me.
    I’ve always said “if there’s a God, She has a great sense of humour”


  2. The Colorado assassin is a neuroscience Ph.D. student. Parallel universe or something. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, the issue in part is “It’s the guns, stupid.” There’s a bigger question about societies that extoll individual freedom to the detriment or group or collective identification and responsibility, I think anyway. I hope the US can come to see that a Constitutional right to bear arms is an anachronism in today’s world. TBW help us all!


  3. My “TBW” is more like “TB WTF”. (Sorry about the WTF) but I go through this all the time…in here and out there. At least you have figured out what you are imprisoned in and have carved out a character to muddle through with.


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