7 thoughts on “The Talented Mr Shorten

  1. Here’s someone lining up at the Starter’s Gate for future PM. He does not want to be tainted by current unpopular PM Julia Gillard, not does he want the party leadership too soon. He needs to be the reformer during a period of opposition that restores the Australian Labor Party, but does not want to the Leader during the tsunami of an election which will occur nationally sometime between now and late 2013. Ratty.


    • Addendum to the above: 1. Lets hope he stops changing his mind as frequently as he changes his women (see Wikipedia entry), and 2. Let’s hope he hasn’t got his mother-in-law’s spending habits when he’s in charge of the economy. Ratty.


      • I am very anti Shorten due to his habit of changing women, and his knifing of Rudd. The GG is my hero, as country girl made good, and I wish she would give Julia some wardrobe hints. We shall agree to disagree. How about Wong for PM?


        • re Wong – I wonder if that would be a world first for a PM – one would have to look that up.Labor made a silly mistake knifing Rudd – it is symptomatic of the extreme short-termism of current politics. It led to this current coalition with the Greens which has been a shambles. Re the GG – she has one similarity with another great labor hero, Billy Hughes – her ability to fire secretaries. Ratty


          • There is another country with a lesbian leader, I just can’t remember which one now. I think one of the Scandinavian ones. Daughter of friend was a speech writer for GG and she loved the gig. I suspect she is a perfectionist.


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