here comes the bride

It was a sunny winter afternoon in Brisbane and I went to watch the wedding of Daughter2’s high school friend, as D2 was bridesmaid.

The sun was shinning, and the ceremony was on the banks of the Brisbane River in the garden of Shafston House. It is always such a strange experience to these young women whom I have known since they were children, walk down the aisles as brides. It only seems yesterday since sleep overs and birthday parties. The friend that D2 was bridesmaid for last year was also there – and heavily pregnant with her first child. Daughter1 accompanied me as of course she is pregnant as well, so really is a changing of the guard!

Shafston House, Brisbane, Queensland,

Brisbane River from Shafston House

Shafston House

No bridesmaid bouquet, a beautiful wrist corsage instead

The bride made the hair clip that Daughter2 wore in her hair.

The bride walked down the aisle with both her mother and father to the song “If you were the only Girl”


A perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. After the wedding, the guests went on a boat cruise of the Brisbane River before returning for dinner. Daughter1 and I crept away so proud of our beautiful Daughter2.

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