7 thoughts on “Monday…

  1. Not as bad a day as that had by some of the Australian Olympians. Although I don’t take a lot of interest in sport, I did feel sorry for Emily Seebohm crying her heart out at coming second. Maybe the commentators shouldn’t stick a microphone under their nose until they’ve had time to recover. One other point in favour of the Olympics – one of the few times the nations of the world come together in peace and the world has some good news (pity about the bill left with the host nation!).

    Contrast this (young people seeing success or failure in a few seconds after years of work), to the grubbiness of the Peter Slipper/James Ashby affair. Prejudiced I probably am, but I confess to revulsion and disgust.


    • As teachers we are always telling kids to “have a go” and not worrying if they don’t win, and then we have the media having a go at our athletes for not winning enough medals, and people being upset at being second – in the world! Somehow we are still getting it wrong.


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