one step back on the path

Today is the Ekka holiday and even though I work in the adjoining city I have the day off as well. I haven’t been to the Ekka (show/fair) since I was pregnant with Son – 27 years ago. At that time I was still suffering morning sickness (all day) and daughters were  not quite 4 and 6, so I think the ordeal of the crowds and financial debt was enough for me forever and ever, amen.

We are on the last push to putting our house up for sale. We have found a real estate agent that we can work with. Please don’t get me started on real estate agents, except to say that I group them with car and insurance salespeople, both whom my life experience has taught me that they are often shallow people who will use a façade of honesty until the contract is signed and then it is Drop Dead, Fred! I don’t expect this relationship to be any different, but it is a means to an end.

Earlier this morning I was packing our cds (yes, little ones, I still have music on compact disc!). I rediscovered some favourites and they are now in my car, ready for tomorrow’s school run. I shall be hitting the highway to the best of Carole King and Carly Simon on the morrow. There are some good things about moving, the push to declutter and the rediscovery of old friends.

I phoned Grandma Flamingo and three of her great grandchildren were visiting with their mother. GF always delights in their antics, so I didn’t speak to her for long to allow her time with her guests. There was a distant tone to her voice that I have noticed creeping in lately. I can’t imagine the range of emotions she must be experiencing as her life closes in.

I seem to be using the word “experience” frequently today. I guess that fits into the our series of moments doesn’t it, as we experience those moments?  It is taking those experiences and using them as building blocks that make us the people we are, and the life we choose.  I am glad that I have realised how the quality of those moments are the fabric of a happy life, and have reset myself on the path to a larger slice of happiness.

6 thoughts on “one step back on the path

  1. I also join you in the loathing of real estate agents, it is an international thing I suppose…and next time we think we can’t see eye to eye, we should bring this up!


  2. I just re-read your blog post, now that I’ve finally figured out what “Ekka” was. I think our closest equivalent in these parts is the Topsfield Fair, which we love and go to almost every year.

    Then I went over your final two paragraphs and was almost brought to tears. Yes, you’re absolutely right. Those moments. They mean everything.


  3. OH YES re the realtors/estate agents. On par with the car salesmen although the latter may top it based on brill cream in hair, winking an referring to you as ‘young lady’ when you are 40+ (or maybe that was just my experience in America). I often wondered if the realtor taking me always to see the kitchen, pointing out what was the stove and then showing me cupboards would have been an insanity defense in itself when I felt the need to stab them. Didn’t take the risk but I remember the urge.

    GOOD LUCK – a brave step you are taking. And I don’t just mean decluttering the house!


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