intelligent pursuits

Maybe as a result of making my beautiful brain work all day Saturday when it is more inclined to veg out, but I have fallen into a game of making up names for imaginary people today. In the elk of Teresa Green (trees are green)

Mister Mister

Finn Dorsal

Summer Beach

Randy Mann

Pepper Mills

Rose Thorne

Sonny Dea

Sue Mee

And your contribution to this lofty pursuit is?

9 thoughts on “intelligent pursuits

  1. Holly Wood?
    Ivor Nitch
    Mark Stain (I actually lived next door to him)
    Ben Dover and his wife Eileen
    I P Freely author of “Yellow River”


  2. You should sell this list to the producers of Bold and Beautiful FD…they already have some Thornes and Ridges and Hopes and Storms and Brookes and Peatbogs and Sulphurous Fumaroles (token Mexican character) in their cast list.


  3. Off the top of my head, I can only think of Eva Destruction, Phyllis Navidad (“feliz navidad”) and Dallas Raines & Johnny Mountain (2 local weathermen).

    But a quick drag name check reveals some nice ones: Patty Melt, Anita Cocktail, Rosy Palm, Harry Beaver, Hedda Lettuce, Usta Bea Starr, Helen Damnation, Kanna Korn, Demanda Refund, Tilly Screams…


  4. Years ago family friends owned a bar. Tom and Hortense were their given names. One afternoon a patron came into the bar, looked down at the end of the bar and said “Is that Hortense?” She replied, “No, I’m perfectly calm”. True story, that lady was a class act.

    There is a dentist called Dr. Chew, my sister knows Dick Head. A flooring store where I grew up was called Linoleum Dicks. There is also a Blind Cleaner (how does he know if he’s got them clean?) and a Lutheran church that for a while was advertising Sun Worship. I think someone asked them to change the sign as they aren’t pagans. Gayle Storm was always a favorite. Some one in town here named their kid Rayce Carr. In the local phone directory there was Forney, Kate.


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