on the shady side of the street

I was given street crossing duty at school this week. No, I was not working the other side of the street. Basically it means that I had to make sure that none of our students walked in front of cars. I asked, but was told that I was also not allowed to throw students under any buses either. However, to be honest, it was more likely that the students would throw me under a bus.

So, I stood on the footpath and watched the students stream across the road. Every now and again, a rogue parent would drive their car into the area, which they shouldn’t and I would throw myself, arms outstretched in front of the students and stop them while flashing a nasty look at the parent and motioning to them to move their car on. Not easy holding back an exiting mass of students and gesturing to drivers at the same time, and indeed a third arm would have helped, but by luck of nature I did not have one to offer.

One teacher takes photographs of parents doing the wrong thing in the hope that it will act as a deterrent.  I expect the majority of parents would either made rude gestures or turn to face their best profile to the camera. We are toothless tigers.

The exodus was over within ten minutes but I was required to stay there longer, so as the loaded buses left and drove past me I waved enthusiastically to each bus, thus cementing the opinion that “Miss in the library is a little weird”. I also love making really cornball teacher jokes, not because that is how I naturally act, but just to meet the expectations of students. It keeps them guessing too, as they are never quite sure if I am serious or not. That is where the little smirk I deliver at the end comes into importance. “She said it, but she’s funning, right?” Or is she?

It messes with their minds when I stand at the gate saying goodbye, “I shall miss you. Please come again tomorrow”  and smile widely as I wave them farewell.

One must find one’s joys where one can. I am not sure if this was one of those times though…

3 thoughts on “on the shady side of the street

  1. Hello.. Interesting, I enjoyed reading this.. a clear picture.. it is nice to have others validate one.. I have been mistaken in having any expectation.. it gives the other folks too much power over my feelings.. no one should tarnish any joy or feeling you have.. I get the feeling over here.. it will not be long before they are running everyone through a security scan to eat lunch.. or whatever.. have a good one.. Peace Tony


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