a pig and an ostrich egg…

Even I couldn’t think this one up!


Man assaults wife with ostrich egg

A New Zealand man who assaulted his wife with an ostrich egg after her pet pig ran amok has been jailed for six months, according to local press reports.

Phillip Russell lost his temper when he discovered the pig had damaged his power saw.

He verbally abused his wife, spat at her, then grabbed an ostrich egg from the kitchen table and hurled it at her.

Reports said Russell, 46, had repeatedly asked his wife to keep the pet pig under control as it had damaged their home, a neighbour’s house and council property, but she insisted it should be given free rein.

The ostrich egg, the largest type of egg produced by any living bird species, caused bruising to the chest of Russell’s wife, the report said.


7 thoughts on “a pig and an ostrich egg…

  1. I suspect an ostrich egg could cause a lot of damage if hurled with sufficient power. A zoo near here gave us an ostrich egg a couple of years ago…it weighed more than 1Kg with a really tough shell…..Mrs GOF eventually removed the contents through a small hole and made the world’s largest single-egg omelette. (


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