Hailing the big yellow taxi

Mr FD has sent me to my room.

Mr FD feels that I am a threat to life and limb, most probably his, and so has instructed me to go and have a little lie down.

He has based this on the fact that so far today I have dropped an egg while cooking breakfast, and then catapulted my medication container across the kitchen, spraying its contents and detritus onto the floor as well. Luckily this was not at the same time.

So, as I rarely drop things, he  was concerned that I may be hatching a diabolical plot to do him in some way,  so he suggested that I rest above stairs, while he remained below stairs.

Just as an aside, Mr FD and I have individual medication boxes. His is a little tin Star Wars lunch box, and my is an oval lacquered bamboo container with red velvet lining and hand painted roses on it lid. Appropriate don’t you think?

We usually leave these on the kitchen counter, but while we are playing perfect families (!) to achieve a house sale, the medication has been moved to the pantry, hence why I had the opportunity to catapult mine around the room.

Today is a lovely pre-Spring day. Birds chirping, sun shinning. One daughter is in Perth for the weekend, another has gone to the beach with her husband. The house is perfection personified, and so I am having a day of rest (well, except for the laundry I need to do, now that I can safely put my undies out to dry away from possible house lookers).

One thing that I have noticed in the last couple weeks is how the two men in the house, Mr FD and Son no longer assume that I am team leader and have taken more ownership of household tasks.

Previously, they would wait until I identified a task and requested their assistance. I was wife, mother, the domestic goddess, and they were, often an unwilling, support team. Now, they identify and complete tasks spontaneously. What a joy.

I would like to delude myself that it will be a permanent change, but I won’t bet money on it just yet. It looks promising, but we all know how addicts can relapse at any moment. One day at a time.

Another by product now that I have an uncluttered, clean and happy house is that I feel my own spirits lift. I feel very creative. I feel like I want to jump back into life. Dare I say, I feel happier than I have for a very long time. I am looking forward, not marking time again.

Ok there is still a long way to go with our minimalist living of intentional lives, but we have our goal and we are marking progress towards it. If I can suggest one thing, it is unchain yourself. Get rid of the shit and the crap. Meet your needs not all your wants. Fly be free – and you can still keep the day job.

5 thoughts on “Hailing the big yellow taxi

  1. I am feeling that need to thin out, weed out, lighten the possessions. I have put it in the basket of winter projects and on the day I wake up feeling quite ruthless, I will go through all of my miscellaneous, far-too-many-things-on-display-that-need-dusting things and thin out, weed out, lighten up.


  2. My goodness, those are quite the medication boxes! My parents have the boring old plastic things that go week to week with a vast assortment of medications in each, little box. I hope the lie-down did you some good. Have you found all the pills, especially the little ones that bounce around every which way and eventually end up in a place between space and time?


  3. Since I’m having foot surgery in less than two weeks, I’m curious how DH is going to cope. I’m so used to being in control of how things go in the home. Not to say he isn’t helpful, but there are all those little things I do that he will soon discover needs to be done. I will try not to be the directress from my spot in the recliner, but it will be hard.


  4. Ah, minimalist living. Every time I throw out one item, three enter and I am not the one that brings them in. I have a long way to go before I can breathe.
    Lucky you.


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