blame it on the big whatever

Dear Minerva the library assistant has been away ill, a relapse with the nasty flu. Now that there have been reported deaths from the recent outbreak everyone is being much more cautious. I am sorry that Minerva is ill, but it does leave me with two workloads.

It is alright if I am away, because that is me. Also my work sits until I return. Minerva on the other hand, her workload falls to me, so that doesn’t make me happy. Of course one does prioritise, and leave what is not important, but front desk duties wait for no Minerva, hence how I am allowed to complain. It is always about me.

I know, life is not fair, but we are talking about me, as we always do, and so it should be not only be fair, but heavily slated in my favour. The Big Whatever (TBW) appears to have written my plot line with too many complications and not enough happy resolutions.

The first thing TBW needs to do is make sure Minerva recovers, now. I am sure that I could get her to agree with me on that, so that is not entirely selfish…

Then TBW needs to smite two teaching colleagues and about 47 students.  Then I might just make it through the day without initiating mass stick action, though I am not making any promises.

5 thoughts on “blame it on the big whatever

  1. As Goddess, you should have some say in these matters. A quiet word in the TBW’s ear wouldn’t go amiss, especially if you could get to choose the smitees.


  2. I’d love to help TBW with all the smiting if she ever has a vacancy for a Smiting Assistant. (experienced)…..also my snake stick hasn’t seen much action for a while and needs the mould flogged off it.


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