this is becoming a habit, a very nice habit

Another Saturday, another open house run by our realtor. This week there was a very interested family, and they said that they would be back next week with a friend. The importance of the friend I don’t know. Perhaps someone who can advise them on changes they might want to make. So, still playing the waiting game.

This week we went to a local Austrian cafe. It is called the K&K Bakery, but it actually serves full Austrian style meals and serves alcohol, so not your usual bakery!

I ordered the bauern grostel . My mother used to cook a version when I was a child. From memory it was a Sunday night dish, I suppose made from the left overs from Sunday lunch.

Mr FD was having difficulty choosing what to order and I jokingly said, “Surely you will order the bluzen (with black pudding)” and so he did. Once the waitress; who was Indian, just goes to show you how multicultural Australia is, took his order he started to worry about it. In fact he tried to say I had made him order it, which was blatantly untrue and all at the table gave him no sympathy.

However, once his plate arrived he was quite impressed, and did in fact enjoy his meal.

Mr and Mrs Boy (daughter1, now looking pregnant as into her second trimester) and Son joined us for lunch. Mr Boy went for a schnitzel.

Mr FD and I were quite taken with the serving dishes, well, rather the handles of ours serving dishes.

We got quite carried away with the Austrian cuisine and ordered a mulled wine to finish our meal.

 Our house better sell soon, or we are going to run up quite a meal bill eating out on a Saturday!

5 thoughts on “this is becoming a habit, a very nice habit

  1. Sounds to me like a perfect ending to a week of work! My mouth is watering, and there is no hope for finding anything nearby that would be as delicious as all of that looks.


  2. I am know very hungry having seen the photos. It all looked delicious. I don’t envy you having to bugger off out of your own house for the open houses….. but beats the 1970s memory I had when we were ‘up for sale’ when any old nosey parker would knock on your door to have a munch through your place – no phoning ahead – just putting on you on the spot. Amazing our old messy house ever sold…. (well that is the way I remember it from being a 10 year old!!).


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