homes among the gum trees

So, we have theoretically sold our house. The contract will go unconditional in about 10 days now, then we will know it will proceed.

On Saturday we went house hunting for  ourselves. One area we found that the only land left was flood prone, had deep gullies or prone to erosion. Scratch that from the list. Other homes looked great on the web site, but were poorly maintained.

Also note to vendors – don’t have photos of birds sitting on branches in your living room,  free to fly about inside the house to poop anywhere in your house web page. It might also be a good idea to clean up the crap and air the place before buyers come looking. Also, don’t lock the multiple cats in the walk in robe.

One house we liked, but there had been no building covenant on the neighbourhood, so there was a mix of new houses and old houses trucked in to the site. One neighbour had grass growing out of its gutters, another grass growing to the roof.  The next door neighbour had an earth moving truck parked on the front footpath, and a ship container in the front yard that had obviously been there for some years. Poor people, they are goig to find it hard to sell that home due to the neighbours.

Two blocks of land we liked a lot. As we drove up to one a red bellied black snake slithered across the road in front of our car.  Great advertisement for a block of land, but despite the snake, we both liked the block. However, since then we have decided that perhaps building is not for us. The idea of moving multiple times just seems too much for us and all the hassle with builders so we have put that on the back burner for the moment.

Naturally, the one house we both fell in love with the moment we saw it from the road, it outside the budget we have. It appears to be the type of house where we could live until they carry us out to Forest By the Sea Retirement Home for Old Flamingo Dancers. We couldn’t actually view it, as their daughter was getting married that day and so we will return on Wednesday, by which time we hope that The Big Whatever will have delivered the extra bags of gold required to secure it.

Should The Big Whatever fail to come to the party (what are the chances – none and zero?) then we have a few more lined up to view on Wednesday.

It is so exhausting though, physically, mentally and emotionally. Realtors can rarely be trusted. One, yesterday,  kept showing us really shit land even when we said, stop showing us the shit, so obviously he is not going to see us again. One we came across we bonded with as he listened, and knew within a short time what type of people we were (he even showed us a house with a  plastic flamingo in the front garden!) and narrowed in on what we desired. Of course he also showed us the home we can’t really afford!

At the same time, Daughter2 is packing up for her move to Perth in Western Australia –  on the other side of the continent. Her car is being collected tomorrow for shipping across country, and on Tuesday she will come to stay with us for two weeks until she flies out to Perth to start her new job. So for the first time I will not have all my chicks in the one city.  I shall miss her dreadfully, she is my movie and lunch partner, but exciting things await for her, so I shall just have to tough it out.

Tomorrow, I start packing. I will have to buy some packing boxes. Thankfully, I am on two weeks holiday. I would hate to be trying to do all this and be working a full day as well! A few more weeks of stress and physical exhaustion and we should be Queen and King of our realm again.

If we live so long. It could be murder…

21 thoughts on “homes among the gum trees

  1. that’s a toughie (your daughter moving) thank goodness for Skype eh?
    Shipping the car makes sense – you can hardly drive a few thousand miles across a desert!


    • The new employer is paying for removal expenses and she knows we never would have allowed her to drive over solo! She has promised to pay for my ticket to fly over once or twice a year (probably when she wants me to make fruit cakes for her!).


    • The same one – the England thing didn’t work out in the end due to migration laws, and so she is off to Perth and the promise of overseas business trips. She goes to England for a month of training shortly.


  2. Yeah if the market is as sad as it is here, make an offer on the outside your budget one (of course it may be well outside your budget , but you never know!). Anyway, good luck. Good luck to your daughter too, that is a long ways away! But, I’d have wanted to drive it. 🙂


  3. I think we’ve sold our house as well – the buyers were trying to be cheeky about money but they want to get something before the first home buyers grant ends so hopefully they’ll go ahead. Sorting through stuff is a pain – I’d just be happy to throw the lot away.


    • It must be hard when you are already settled in your other house. I brought boxes out this morning and then walked away and made a cup of tea! In the olden days we always had a ready supply of newspaper for wrapping, now we don’t buy newspaper and so I shall have to go and purchase bubble wrap for glassware etc. And the weather has turned so hot and dry here. Funny, I love my garden dearly, but now that I am leaving I don’t give a damn if it dies of thirst or not!


      • I brought most of the stuff I wanted with me but left behind a lot of books (that will have to go because I have no room for them here) and things like my daughters extensive doll collection, Barbies and Bratz. She says to just give them away but then she didn’t pay a small fortune for them and if she has children she might want them one day. I think I’ll do what Emjay did and take it all to my mothers house and store it in her garage. This place we’re at now is only really a five year plan while we save some money and think about where we really want to go/be and I think that will be our final place. I hope so anyway because this was move number 15 for me. I’d really like to be closer to water somewhere but not sure about beach, river or harbour – beach is probably not realistic due to cost and it would also mean terrace house or apartment living which I’m not fussed about.


        • I am shedding many of our books. I still have my barbies as well as daughters’! Cleaning up for the sale cleaned a lot of the junk but there is still more. We are hoping our tree change will be our last. The house we are interested in is on a small hill, about 1 1/2 acres with views across the valley from the front, and overlooking a lake from another angle. Small rural township with a population of less than 3000. I need


  4. Very happy that your house has been sold…..finding a new one should be slightly more enjoyable. I’m taking notes as we’ll have to do the same thing sometime in the future.


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