tell that again


I had my first student suspended last week. I feel as though I have been blooded as a teacher!

Spawn was sitting with his feet on the coffee table in the library and when I asked him to take his feet off the table he refused. I told him to leave the library. As he did so, he turned and wiped his shoes all over the couch. THEN he turned and gave me the finger (rude gesture).

I ordered him into my office and lectured him about respect for school property and respect for teachers. I then referred him to the detention.

When he went to detention he claimed he wasn’t giving me the finger, he was giving the couch the finger.

I said well, then in that case, both the couch and I are very offended.

He was suspended for a couple of days.

19 thoughts on “tell that again

  1. When I meet kids like that my initial reaction is to wanting to slap them silly. And always have to remind myself that it is more likely the parents fault that they are this way, than them being evil little monsters.


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