happy trails to us

Box count : 10 packed on Tuesday

Trying to get everything packed in the next 10 days before the new school term starts.

Oh yeah, and find a house to move into!

Today we are back on the house in the country trail. Son is coming with us too.

Due to our arrangement with our bank and something about portable loans, we actually have to settle the sale on our existing house and the purchase of our new home on the same day, so the clock is ticking. We haven’t been able to ask for an extended settlement time as our purchasers need to be out of their present town house by the end of October, so today needs to be decision day is possible.

We have zeroed in on a couple houses in a small rural town (the same town where Mother Flamingo Dancer is in care). One really excites me. It is a little dated, but has great bones, or so the real estate photos appear to show. We haven’t actually been inside as yet, today is the day and so I might be terribly disappointed. However, we have more than one to view.

I can only hope that we have the strength to get through the next couple of weeks,

4 thoughts on “happy trails to us

  1. Good luck on your househunting venture – which, of course, means your feet are still in the trenches. Perhaps you’ll find a goddess-dom that gets your feet out of the trenches.


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