So much to tell you

We have found a house and our offer was accepted. Yes, it was the number one house on our short list. It is on one and a half acres, high on a hill overlooking The Village with the most magnificent gum trees in the front yard, and a garden beneath that is more forest floor than manicured garden, and the perfect place for Flamingo Dancer GrandBaby to explore when she arrives.

The house was built in 1986 and everything was top of the line then, however it is a little tired and dated now, but a little paint (it has double brick walls, so not a lot of paint needed) a kitchen facelift and the ensuite remodelled, and it will have every aspect of the home we hoped to find.

Even though I know The Village from my childhood, (my Grandmother lived there then, I grew up in a slightly larger town nearby) it is still a little daunting to go from a capital city after all these years, back to small rural town life. On the other hand, it is also exciting to have the change of pace and a chance to create a sanctuary for the rest of our lives.

A reminder that everything old is new again today  also, when we viewed one house with our agent, in conjunction with another agent. Mr FD was chatting to the other agent when we all realised that she was someone that I had worked with 36 years ago in a library long, long ago. I had not recognised her, as back then, well we were both a little younger, and she had natural blonde hair, and now she is a tawny red, and well, a lot older (not everyone can age as graciously as a Flamingo Dancer). I never, ever would have thought she would become a real estate agent, but apparently she has been for some 20 years now.

It just goes to show that while we can plan our lives, we can never quite be sure the path it will take. I have learnt that being open to change, flexible in choice and decision making, and embracing intentional living, the most amazing things can happen.

During this year I have gained permanent employment in a job I adore, with people I not only enjoy working with, but respect professionally, and now we are downsizing our home, decluttering belongings,  shrinking debt and creating a new way of living our lives.  It doesn’t get much better than that does it?

27 thoughts on “So much to tell you

  1. Wow! What a decision and what a pretty place to live you have found!
    And what a small world! So many surprises your post has given me.
    We are also strying to shrink our living. It is a question of what kind of life you would like to have. I think your decision is great!


  2. It’s nice when everything falls into place in life. Looks like a really beautiful place……and I’m liking the new picture you have at the top of your blog…….not that I’ve got anything against flamingoes. 🙂


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