Just another day in the country

Box count 2.5

Migraine count : 1 and continuing

Dog count : 1

We had boxes delivered yesterday, but I only managed 2.5 before being felled by a massive migraine that has continued into today, which has thrown me right off schedule. I think I got too dehydrated in all the racing about house hunting in the heat.

Today we went back to view the house with Daughter2 so that she knew what she will be coming home to when she flies back from Perth at Christmas. Then we went to visit Grandma Flamingo Dancer to tell her that we were moving nearby and that she would see more of us in just a few weeks. She is healthy, but her motor skills continue to decline, as has her short term memory. She has started asking where the baby is, and we know she isn’t asking about the expected HoneyBoo Flamingo Dancer. We just say that the baby is sleeping and Mum seems happy with that reply.

Speaking of babies – we bought a dog today! He is a golden retriever and his name is now Augie. He is 6 weeks old and the breeder will keep him until we move. Son has always wanted a dog and now that we have the space for one, I could no longer say no. I am a cat person, but I have to admit, who wouldn’t love this fellow?

Then we went to the local pub for lunch

Mr FD’s seafood basket lunch at the Village Pub

… and then Flamingo Dancer rested, on her bed as well as her laurels.

37 thoughts on “Just another day in the country

    • As a cat person, I fell in love with him at first sight, but Son was to have the choice, though he may have been somewhat influenced by his fabulous mother! Augie’s daddy is called Darcy. Handsome all around!


  1. You need to pin a photo of Augie up somewhere so you can look at him when you feel a migraine coming on. You do have my sympathy, however: I hate moving, especially if there are a ton of books to box up and haul out.

    I’d extend my sympathy to Grandma FD as well, though I suspect it’s her daughter who needs it more. Hang on. I hope for your sake your mother’s decline is gentle and quiet, and not the sudden plunge into severe late-stage dementia.


    • You are a kind soul.
      Mum is going to slip from us gently I think. My poor Dad had a different form and he became aggressive and often physical, which was in such opposition to his real nature. She knew me yesterday, but did not know Mr FD, but we know what to expect. It is just the decline since Christmas that is so stunning, but then maybe she could cover up for a certain time before she reached a tipping point.

      How are you coping? I think of you often in recent weeks.


      • Thank you for asking. Every day is like learning to balance on a high wire: some days the wind is blowing, the line is bouncing, and I can barely hang on; other days I seem to be inching along quite well. Dad is fine as long as the day is quiet and predictable.When something different or unexpected gets thrown at him, he panics, screams, flails his arms and blames me for disturbing the waters. I feel sorry for him, but when I’m trying to help him it’s so frustrating I want to throw my hands up and say, “Fine! I’m out of here!” It sounds horrid, but I almost wish he’d fall and break a hip, or have a stroke so he’d be sent to the hospital where professionals will take over his care. Right now he’s not so bad that he needs 24-hour nursing care, but you can’t leave him for any length of time without him getting into trouble. Rather like an overgrown child.


        • I understand. Dad would walk 22 hours a day and if anyone else was there is got very paranoid. My mother and sister took the brunt of his care, but in the end their health started to suffer, and I called in aged care to help. He was taken into care, and died four months later, possibly due to going into care, and I often feel guilty for that, but I know in my heart that it was a case of saving my Mum or letting Dad go. Luckily this time, we have been able to get Mum into care, but it does seem that they have to be hospitalised before anyone sees our need. You have every right to feel exhausted, overwhelmed and angry. Life is not fair.


  2. Love Augie. That’s one busy day….don’t envy your moving project. When our time comes I think we’ll hire a backhoe to dig a hole and a bulldozer to push all our crap into the hole.


    • We seriously thought of doing that with my parents house, as they have been life long hoarders. We did a little clean up outside when Dad died, but 10 years on and Mum’s hoarding had it back to the same level. They had grown orchids and there were sheds everywhere, and my brother and his son in laws tore them all down, and they re landscaped the overgrown garden and now we are getting compliments on the manicured garden. He has worked miracles, absolutely miracles. Part of our plans is not to leave such a mess for our kids and to be able to manage our own lives as long as possible. I just never thought it would involve buying a ride on mower though!


    • Day 3 and the migraine is to the level where just the roots of my hair hurt. I managed to finish the half done box and two more last night so I don’t feel such a failure on the packing front. Target today is another 10 so I had better get started!


  3. So sweet! Hey, FD, I’m looking for a teacher of English speaking students who live in a significantly different part of the world than my own. I’ve got this idea for teaching expository writing by assigning them a good old-fashioned pen pal letter explaining some aspect of their lives to someone their own age. I was hoping the other teacher might be willing to give her students a similar assignment and we could swap letters. You know anyone I could talk to? They can contact me at kimberlybbert at gmail.com


    • I know just the man for you. We are on holidays until Oct 8th and I only have his school email but I will try to contact him now. He is the Literacy and Numeracy teacher at my school. He doesn’t know me as Flamingo Dancer, so I will give you details privately.


    • Son researched the breed. His first choice breed was a collie, but I was against the hair and then he found out they like to herd children and with baby grandchild coming that was a no. We all agreed on the golden and so far we are in love.


  4. AWWWWWWW…. what a bundle of luv! I want to play “give me that toy!” (where i try to take the toys they’re keeping from me) with Augie! And I want to play “give me that dog!” with you. Congrats on your new baby.

    I hope the migraine has disappeared.


    • Isn’t he just so sweet. To be honest the whole litter is gorgeous, but Augie Flamingo Dancer is by far the brightest and cuddliest. Son is bidding on a flamingo dog toy for Augie – I am not quite sure how to take that information.


      • I hope Son wins, because we need to see that toy!

        btw: I think of you every time my trainer makes me do these new 1-leg moves. I can’t remember what he calls them but I call them Flamingos.


  5. Augie is adorable. And surely such a cute little puppy couldn’t cause any trouble in the midst of a move? Just don’t let him pee on the boxes!!!


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