listen to the serenity

I anticipated being welcomed by an estactic Augie Dog when I arrived home from work, yesterday, but he preferred to nap and so the Happy Family movie I was playing in my head all the way home will have to roll another day! Son reported that Augie had been a good puppy dog, and we had no pee or poo issues all day!

The drive to and from work is longer, but actually an easier run than my previous drive. This morning as I drove the connecting road to the freeway a car flashed its lights at me, which of course normally means traffic police ahead, but in this instance was to warn me that a dead wallaby was on the road ahead. Poor little thing, I do hope some nice person moves it off the road before the trucks complete the job. Not quite a job for a Flamingo Dancer in pearls and heels…

BIL and his cute granddaughter (aged 4) popped in yesterday morning when only Son was home with Augie. I think they came to meet Augie. Augie was most taken with the little girl as she ran around and made noise. He probably scared her a little, or a lot, as he put his paws on her shoulder (she is a tiny 4 year old, Irish genes!) but no doubt Augie loved having another pint sized person! It is nice to know that family can just pop in without a major planning exercise now. I actually have some cousins living further down our road, and no doubt will reconnect at some stage.

I love the solitude and the privacy. We live behind our front native garden and wall of tall eucalyptus gum trees filled with rosella parrots, and maybe a wallaby. The previous owners have planted staghorns and other ferns beneath the trees, but it is so dry and hot that they aren’t looking their best, and I must admit we haven’t exactly been sprinting out to water gardens as yet. There is a sprinkler system with timers, and two large water tanks providing 10,000 gallons of water, but that is a job for another day.

The temperature is expected to be 37C today and the fire alert is high. Luckily (?) the bush land directly behind our block of land has already burnt right to our fence line, so hopefully we won’t face a fire threat in the near future, but we will have to have a fire plan, and soon.  A train line runs along the other side of the hill and trains can spark grass fires, so one must be prepared.

It is a different world we live in now. It can be hard and unforgiving, but at the same time it is beautiful and nourishing. I know it will prove to be the right place for us. This morning I took Augie outside for a run and I was standing on the lawn, watching him play, the birds were singing in the trees, and I could see across the valley to the hills in the distance. Life was good. Life is good.


20 thoughts on “listen to the serenity

  1. Glad you are settling in well despite hiccups. It is even dry here on the escarpment and part of my bottom yard is starting to go brown – not something we see here with our grass very often. Just finished helping a friend load a long arm quilting machine she’d bought locally into a horse-float. She’s a campdrafter as well as a quilter – so the campdrafting quilter left town today precious load in pieces and securely roped down. Caused a flicker of amusement to visitors at the sewing shop. Ratty.


  2. Augie is still a toddler yet, so he’s probably still accustomed to long naps in the afternoon. Hopefully he’s not waking you up in the middle of the night to go out for a pee.

    It must be wonderful to be in such a quiet place. Now that it’s getting colder out here, we don’t hear the boom of car stereos or shrieking party goers as much as we used to over the summer, but I’m still very aware of how close our neighbors are. I am a city girl at heart, but the older I get, the less fond I am of city noise.


  3. Augie is a real cutie, who promises to be an adult beauty. Isn’t it such a wonderful blessing to walk out of your home and feel such joy to be where you are?


  4. You said – “It is nice to know that family can just pop in without a major planning exercise now.”

    I say – “Yeah … that’s what I thought when we first moved in next door to my parents. I got over the feeling of ‘euphoria’ pretty quickly.”


    • No, never parents, though my Dad was always a lightning visitor, never a lingerer! Both Mums are in care and so coralled! SIster is in the next town, so close but we won’t annoy each other. I could never live with parents that close, never ever.


    • Well, so far all indications are that we will! We both have country type backgrounds so had a fair understanding of what we were embarking upon. No rude awakenings as just, just a couple rude reminders!


  5. Sounds like huge amounts have happened in Flamingo world since I last caught up! Puppies are gorgeous, I really want another one. Must be scary though living in a fire risk area!


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