vegetating in the country

It is difficult to carry off eau de chiot in pearls and heels, but if anyone can, I will, naturally.

I have the distinct impression that I smell of Augie Dog today as he slobbered/chewed/hung off my trouser pants legs this morning as I left for work. One week in the country and I have a new early morning routine- feed Augie, take Augie outside for a toilet break (hopefully in time!) and watch the birds in our eucalyptus trees until I need to leave for work. In the past it would have been watch the early morning news as I ate my breakfast. Not having cable TV or the internet (or even a land line phone) has helped the new routine along as well, but Augie and his routines, or rather, lack of routine, has taken over our lives.

Daughter1 and Mr Boy came for lunch Sunday, the first time they had seen the house. Daughter1 said it looked like an amalgamation of all the houses we had lived in over the years, and as if our furniture had come home! I can’t argue on either count! The baby blanket that I purchased through Etsy for their expected baby arrived during the week and D1 brought it to show me. Pink on one side and a bright monkey pattern on the reverse side. Her Daddy, Mr Boy, likes monkeys, hence the monkey motif. There are pink flamingos, there can be pink monkeys too! Don’t even try to argue, I am a displaced person living out of boxes, and not to be messed with in the short term, or any term for that matter.

After just one week living in the country and two snake encounters (the second we identified as a brown tree snake) I am finding it very hard to remove myself from my rural retreat and re-enter the world of education and work. For the two days of the weekend, it as if we live in our own little cocooned world and then Monday morning reality arrives and it is hard to switch on the grey cells, but needs must.

Things uttered around The House on the Hill:

“I thought the light was on outside, but it is just the damn sun!”

“What are you looking for?”  – “My lost youth.”

“No, Augie, no, AUGIE, NO! Damn, where’s the mop?”

8 thoughts on “vegetating in the country

  1. My co-workers used to comment about my grey cat. I’d ask them how did they know I had a grey cat, and they would point to all the hair on my black coat, pants, etc. (It makes perfect sense: I had light-colored pets and a closet full of dark clothing.)

    It’ll take a few years, as it does with children, but someday Augie will be attuned to your schedule. Then he’ll snooze all day, until you come home and he sees you pick up a leash, or mention the words “walk,” “treat” or “dinner.” Just as my children used to perk up when I said “pizza,” “movie,” or “mall.”


    • LOL! We had a pure white cat until about 5 years ago and yet still found his hair attached to some things as we moved! I keep making the conenction between babies and puppies. Just lucky babies stay in one place for awhile!


  2. Enjoy the new environment Ms Gabor, complete with brown tree snakes.
    P.S. The House on The Hill was a famous Cairns landmark dating back a century or more…. for a while it was a wild nightclub. (Not that I’m suggesting you need encouragement) 🙂


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