As sleep talked by Mr FD:

They should have disappearing little interludes during the talks just to give the media something to talk about, don’t you think?

Julia Gillard and Barack Obama?

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin?

Flamingo Dancer and The Big Whatever?

Too much 24 hour news cycle, I fear!

3 thoughts on “Nightales

  1. Tony Abbott (our Opposition Leader) and Susilo Bambang Yuduyono (SBY – unsure of the spelling!) – to not discuss Abbott’s turn back the boats policy).

    Xi JiPing and everyone else with a claim on the South China Sea

    Bibi Netanyahu and Hamas (to work out who threw the first stone…)

    Angela Merkel and whoever left the Trojan Horse (of Greek debt) outside Brussells

    As for FD and The Big Whatever – I think we can hear the lecture from here, and doubtless there’ll improvements on all the above in the near future.



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