Maybe the answers to our questions

Mr FD has been searching and he is of the opinion that this is Sterculia Parviflora:

and that this is Catalpa speciosa, (I am not 100 percent in agreement about this one, but he is the agronomist!) –

The insects, I think, are Novatilla virgata or stink beetles.

Stay tuned for more homework! We are still to identify one more tree!

6 thoughts on “Maybe the answers to our questions

  1. I think you may have Harlequin bugs, sometimes know as stink bugs (Google images), but the stink bug we get on our citrus is a different body shape, much like a green vegetable bug. I thought the trees might be exotics, they’re nothing like any natives I’ve seen (although there could native tropicals that might look like these). Ratty


  2. Interesting!! Stink bugs/beetles over here are totally black. I’m with you on the “velvet snake” tree. Catalpa speciosa looks close – but not right. But at least the first one is dead on accurate!


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