never let it be said

I spent  half a day proof reading student reports. Proof reading apparently is a skill that librarians possess, except no one told me. I don’t need to go into details about my punctuation skills as my daily posts are evidence enough of my questionable skills in that area!

Entertaining though as I knew some of the students that were being described. Comments, such as:

He has an exuberant personality (class clown needs to stop interrupting my class)

When he stops socialising with his friends (needs to actually pay attention and stop trying to entertain his peers)

Good sense of humour and enjoys the company of his friends (once again needs to shut up and pay attention and stop seeking peer approval)

Careless with his possessions, especially his uniform (can he even dress himself?)

One teacher whom  has questionable personal habits, buts his own hair with a finger nail scissors once a year, and wears jeans and tee shirts to school every day, commented on the lack of care with their appearance with about 80 percent of his home class. Obviously the concept of role model has gone way over his head. He is filling in for a deputy principal early next year and we are taking on bets as to what he will wear on the first day. My money is on a tee shirt with an image of a tie on the front. I think that is as good as it could get. Obviously his pedagogy is “do as I say, not as I do!”

Just like most of the human race!

11 thoughts on “never let it be said

  1. A few quarters ago I had to peer review a twelve page research paper for a fellow student, who had only out of high school for about six months. I think I only counted a total of three periods in all twelve pages. When I asked him why he didn’t use any punctuation he responded with “What are you the grammar police?” I asked him if he found anything that needed adjusting in my paper, and he said it looked like it had enough pages, so he called it good……I’m glad I wasn’t carrying a blunt object…


  2. I can’t believe a school that requires its students to wear uniforms would allow a teacher to traipse around in a t-shirt and jeans. Good grief, someone should give the man a good shaking, or drag him into the boys’ locker room and force him into a suit, or at least a pair of khaki pants and a nice button-down shirt. I hope he at least bathes and doesn’t wear flip-flop sandals on his feet. That would make me take out the beating stick.


    • Some of the female teachers wear dress flip flops when the policy is closed toe shoes. I have never been at a school who doesn’t police staff dress. Daughter1 was once told to wear makeup at a school where she worked (no longer works there). There are a number of teachers who feel that some changes need to be made.


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