one borne every minute

Why is it, that when anyone drops by my office, I always end up doing the groundwork for their bright idea? When was Librarian spelt G R U N T?

I tell them their Mother doesn’t work here… but they ignore me as if I was their mother.

9 thoughts on “one borne every minute

  1. You must learn—practice in front of the mirror if you must!—to smile sweetly and say, “That sounds interesting. Why don’t you try it?” And if they follow with, “I was wondering if you could….” then remember those time-honored words: “I’d love to, but I’m busy right now. Maybe another time?” You don’t have to add, “Like next year?” Though it helps.


  2. I’m very conscious of this problem as it used to happen to me every day. Then I read a go,OK called The One Minute Manager and a chapter about the monkey on our back. It said any problem is undesirable and most folk will look for someone else to carry their monkey. This was why work for me se


    • Oops. Seemed to be an endless pile of thankless tasks credited to other people. However you phrase it, politely telling people to bog off and do their own work is the very best thing to do.
      Unfortunately, many of us actually get a buzz out of balancing so many spinning plates thinking we are being some sort of super-duper friendly helper ….. when really we’re just mugs


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