silk purses and sow’s ears


Every day I wake up, stand at the bedroom window and look at the garden, the trees, and the hills beyond and feel so refreshed and optimistic. There is something about returning to one’s roots, in my case the country, and being close to nature that infuses the spirit with peace and serenity.

There is this little bubble of joy inside of me that I am not sure I have ever experienced before in my life. As Daughter1 commented on Christmas Day, “It is as though you all [Mr FD, Son and I] exhaled when you moved here.” She added that she had never realised how much we must have all hated living in the city until she saw how happy we are now. “It is though you all inhaled and held on tight all those years [10 years] and now you are breathing again”.

All the years of remaking myself – redundancy in 2008, retraining to become a teacher, starting a new career in education in 2009, searching for a full time permanent job until 2012, has been an adventure for sure. It has also been stressful and often uncertain, but the journey has brought me here and for that I can only be grateful. As I often write, we can’t help what happens to us, but we can help how we deal with it, and I like to think that I have tried to make the most of what has come my way.

So, in 2013 I am not making any New Year’s resolutions. After decades of trying to perfect myself, I think I know that I am about as perfect as I am going to get. I am what I am, and time to enjoy what I have and not waste precious time and energy. After all there is only one of me, and that is enough for the world, and me!

New Year No-resolutions (1)

18 thoughts on “silk purses and sow’s ears

  1. As usual very well put into words what I’ve been feeling for the longest time before leaving Norway. Though still holding my breath somewhat until life is more settled and secured. That kind of happiness I would imagine almost gives a delirious feeling. Good for you!! And I hope you’ll have an amazing 2013.


  2. what an accurate description : almost gives a delirious feeling! I guess this is what real happiness feels like!
    2013 brings our first grandchild, and so it will be very special indeed!
    Blessings to you, always!


  3. happy for you. truly.
    I enjoy flux and have lived a tumultuous life with zigzag swerves and large pointy top walls suddenly appearing for me to scale.
    But I do look forward to the day when I can look out of my window and sigh and feel happiness and calm and stillness.
    Not yet though, eh?


  4. Being out in the country is what saves my sanity. The trees, the grass, the air, the birds, the sky, the breezes….it’s all better out here. 🙂 And the silence. How I love the silence!


  5. It is such a relief to finally reach that point – the “I am what I am” point – and to also be where you can look out the window each day and exhale. It is, after all, what all those years of scrambling, working, worrying, sleeping little and holding our breath were about, isn’t it?


    • Absolutely correct. I am not fool enough to think that we have reached happy ever after and that the future won’t have its worries and anxieties, but there is a certain serenity in being on the other side of fifty and somewhat complete!


  6. “I am what I am, and time to enjoy what I have ….” so true FD – we can waste a lot of time worrying about what we are not and what we might be missing out on. I hope to live back “home” one day – that’s when I will exhale.


    • Going back to our roots, or answering our call to country is an important part of finding true happiness I think. I was watching a program about the crisis in Greece and how many professionals who have lost their jobs have gone back to their home villages and created new lives. All of them, despite their struggles, said that they would not go back to their old lives if they had the choice. They were all happier in their more simplistic life in their home environments.


  7. I echo Lauri’s comment which reflects why I’ve only lived 5 years of my life in any town.
    The only place I can find real happiness is with unspoiled nature as my neighbour. Enjoy your new life, and best wishes for 2013.


    • I have never liked cities, towns are okay, but I have never been one to mix with the neighbours so distance between us is a good thing. The Village has all we need such as hospital, doctor, dentist etc, so I hope we shall grow old very happily here.
      Blessings to you and your lovely family too!


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