Now bring us some figgy pudding

dinner table

We are tumbling to the end of the year aren’t we? Today, we got to spend time with my niece and her family. It was a truly delightful day. Her three children are so warm, open, and so huggable.

Sister brought Mother Flamingo Dancer and we had the same struggles, but it was nice to see three generations of the family together for a few hours.  We had a sausage sizzle lunch with bratwurst sausages, potato salad and a couscous salad with beans,sweet potato and pumpkin (yum, even if I do say so myself!) and more delicious desserts until we all collapsed on the couches and stroked our full bellies. Gluttonous to the end!

Just as well the festive season is coming to an end, otherwise I know I will need to let my belt out a little, okay, a lot. What is it about Christmas that makes us consume so much? No matter how full our tummies it seems that if someone walks by offering any edible item we reach out for another treat, until we are beyond the point of comfort.

Tomorrow I will think about some exercise. Think about it, not do it. Some things in life shouldn’t be rushed…

13 thoughts on “Now bring us some figgy pudding

  1. I keep forgetting you are in the midst of summer while up here we ‘Merikins shiver in the winter. Otherwise a sausage sizzle with potato salad would be very appealing now.

    No, goodness, a decision like undertaking an exercise regime should not be rushed. It should be held off until the New Year, give or take a few days.


    • Yes, summer all the way here. I am flying to Perth with D2 on Tuesday and it has been 40C for days in the west! Mr Boy made the potato salad and believe me it was not your everyday potato salad – it is wonderful having a SIL who is a foodie!

      I thought about exercise all of 2012 and never quite got out the door.


  2. The way I see it, the world won’t end if you don’t get around to starting up an exercise regimen. Christmas really is a wonderful time of you, no matter what the weather or where you are. We drove to Western New York in a snow storm!


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