I’m a lost cause, go on without me. Save yourselves!

golden retriever medium

This is not Augie, I was too busy having an out of body experience to take his photo as well. Augie is, naturally, more handsome than this poor substitute.

I think this country living is having unexpected effects upon me. I have broken out in random niceness, and worse still I have, gawd I can’t believe I am writing this, but I fear I have become A DOG PERSON.

This morning, I was making toast for breakfast when I looked into Augie’s big brown sad eyes (do all golden retriever dogs have long sad faces or is it just our dog?) and popped another piece of bread into the toaster for him.

I also spread it with cholesterol lowering margarine.

And cut it into four neat squares before giving it to Augie.

DOG puppy-line

14 thoughts on “I’m a lost cause, go on without me. Save yourselves!

  1. Ooooh all the Goldens do have this ability. Seems lucky that your Augie does not appear to have a sensitive stomach, like many Goldens! Teulu these days get dog food only, as I love having a clean carpet!


  2. perhaps this is a bit like the bouts of flu we’re all suffering from over here. These acts of …. (it’s sticking in my throat) …niceness are still isolated and there is still hope for you. The festive jollity on the faces of folk, your bouncy pup, time spent tree-staring… it all adds up. you know. Before you know it you’ll be back in the workplace, largest stick in hand, (the one with nails on it) and back to your own self.
    I await your reply with an excited quiver, Goddess.


    • It’s okay I unleashed upon Mr FD today just to get the niceness out of my system, but I was really worried about it for awhile. I thought I might have to go and pick on some shop assistant about some minor thing just to get my equilibrium back!


  3. You wrote:

    “I also spread it with cholesterol lowering margarine.
    And cut it into four neat squares before giving it to Augie.”

    But left out:
    “And left Mr. FD to forage for himself.
    Niceness only goes so far …”


    • GOM – I fear you have nailed it.
      Though, to be just, Mr. FD can probably be trusted to handle a knife and the margarine on his own, something I fear is beyond even the most gifted of puppies.

      Goldens are great missionary dogs, in the sense that they will convert people to dogs.
      The kid was quite dog phobic when she was younger, having been knocked over by enthusiastic canines a few times.
      Her fears, though, were not proof against the mellowest of all goldens who lived next door when we moved in here.
      Kodiak was a very good dog.
      Auggie is clearly shaping up to be a Memorable Dog as well.


        • That;s right GOM talk about me as if I am not here! Mr FD can be trusted with a dinner knife, but we keep the sharper utensils away from him. He has a nasty habit of mixing vegemite into the margarine when he spreads his toast and that is a major crime in my kitchen. I am going away for a week tomorrow and Mr FD is already missing me (yes, surprised even me, must be Stockholm syndrome!) and I have stocked the freezer with microwave food for him – less chance of him burning down the hours, I HOPE!


      • Lauwolf, Augie has converted both Daughter2 and I to dog people. We were actually a little afraid of dogs but when Augie comes to give a hug (he places his head under your armpit as his hug) there is not a heart that wouldn’t melt. They are a breed that is suppose to be very child friendly and that was important with a grandchild soon to arrive.
        He is a legend to us!


  4. You do know that dogs evolved in order to cadge food out of us gullible human beings, right? That those big brown eyes, so alien to their wolf ancestors, were developed to strike at the human heart and make us drop to our knees? So you’ve been warned. They know what they’re doing when they look at you like that.

    I am glad however that country life agrees with you. Don’t begrudge happiness. 🙂


    • The grown up, realistic, part of me knows that he is manipulating us, but in truth we are enjoying being used. However, as Mr Boy (son in law) mused on Christmas Day, when the grandchild arrives in Feb. Augie may have to go down the food chain!


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