Try it, you might like it!

For those of you who suffer from diverticulitis, or struggle with bloating, IBS or just weight issues this might be the blog for you. Written by Deb Poole,  a Brisbane personal trainer (daughter’s trainer until she moved to Perth), the blog speaks honestly about being “sick and tired of being sick and tired” and of Deb’s efforts to find the right diet for her.

I know that feeling and the utter frustration of always feeling in pain, or living in fear of the pain returning. Maybe, you will find some wisdom and common sense in her writings as I did.

Link : here



8 thoughts on “Try it, you might like it!

  1. This is timely.
    I’m fine, but Tom is having massive issues.
    He’s got medical phobias that make getting anything done really difficult.
    But he will be seeing the doctor, finally, in another week or so.
    They’ve failed to get the colonoscopy done twice now, grisly details omitted.
    But my guess is diverticulosis.
    In part because his mom had it.
    And in part because it is acting like it.
    But it would be nice to get something official, and have some clue about what to do.


    • it took a couple of years for me to get diagnosed correctly too. Some GPs are very slow to investigate. My sister is always suggesting that I go back for another colonoscopy , though I am not due to have another one yet, and have had two already that pronounced it “severe’. For now I have to try and live with it, eventually it will need surgery, but that will bring all its own new problems.


  2. Thank you for the link. I’ve been loathe to bring it up, but my diverticulitis flared up after Thanksgiving, probably from eating too many high-fat foods that I don’t normally touch the rest of the year. Christmas only made things worse. I finally switched doctors after the first one dismissed my symptoms as “stress.” Hopefully the new doctor, who I see next week, will be more sympathetic or at least will take my complaints seriously. Spending a weekend doubled over in pain is bad, but having an attack right after eating dinner at a restaurant with friends is humiliating, especially when one person in the group keeps screaming at strangers to “call 911.” (Please, just take me home and shoot me, okay?)


  3. Interesting. I’m finding that, post surgery, my body no longer likes my protein shakes. That *may* be what started this latest “upset GI” episode. Then again, it could be one of the many bugs going round.

    My only consistent divertic. trigger is constipation. So now that I’m mega-dosing Imodium, I’m likely to trigger an attack.

    And I may have had some bad almond milk. I dunno. I was within a week of its “buy” date but it was another of the out-of-the-usual items I had on Sat.

    But at least it’s just been whale songs in my GI tract for the last week. Sat was random waterfalls – those are the worst!!


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