15 thoughts on “chubby is not a dirty word

  1. The awful thing is that back in those days, it was rare to see a grossly obese person as I see too often here in the US. What they considered “stout” was usually an older woman or man with a “thick” waistline. Prior to World War II, very few people own an automobile; the average person walked or took a bus or taxi to her destination, meaning everyone got a lot more exercise than they do now. Children also played outdoors, instead of parking themselves in front of a TV or computer as they do now.

    Not too long ago I read an article about how Lane Bryant had to expand their sizes because the women coming to shop there are a lot bigger than “stout” women were 20-30 years ago. One designer said she had examined a Lane Bryant dress that had been made in the 1950s, and it was tiny by today’s proportions. Women were also a lot shorter back then as well, apparently.


    • A lot of Australian clothing, well just about all Australian clothing is made in Asia, and it took a few years for the manufactures to realise they had to relabel the clothing to fit our larger bodies. Of course we are getting larger as a nation all the time!


  2. LOL! This reminds me of a bit from “Are You Being Served?” where Mrs. Slocombe objected to being called “stoutish,” so she informed the customer frostily that “in the trade, we call it ‘Junoesque’!”


  3. Oh My!!!! I remember early on as a child some of the clothes were still labeled “Chubbies” but that pretty much stopped by the time I was 10.

    Teulu is HUGE for a golden. He is 85 pounds. about 39kg. He is actually really chill though in the house by now, at age 5.


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