more gravel than pearls

pearls 1

I wore pearls, three strands; my mothers. They didn’t make the day magical though.

Yesterday, our first day back at the school, was all pastoral care, lots of warm and fuzzy moments where we told each other how wonderful we were. Nice people being nice. So, you can understand my burden. By the end of the day I was exhausted by being nice, which is against my natural order and so took to my bed early.

Second day, today, was a little less taxing. Lots of meetings, none of which I was involved in as I do not teach a “subject”. My area of Information fluency sits like a little shag on a rock, all by its self. The IT teacher with whom I co-teach and I could have our meeting in a phone box, or in the corridors at school, which is probably where it will occur!

Tomorrow we do CPR training, annual event. I have no expectations of my dummy surviving. This year we answered an online questionnaire instead of having a human instructor, which was to save us time, and stop us stabbing pencils into our eyes through boredom. Many of us felt that the information given was inaccurate however and often the language was ambiguous.

For example, in one question about needle stick injuries the info sheet said to wash with warm water, and yet the question asked if  the wound should be washed with hot water. Some people would view warm and hot as very close things. Was it a trick question, or just a poor transcription error?

Previously, on multiple occasions in fact, we have been told that despite undergoing training we are not legally obligated to do any first aid if we do not feel comfortable doing so. Yet, in this instance they stated we are obligated to help anyone for whom we have a duty of care. It was such a poorly researched and presented site that I really suspect there are many errors.

So we may all fail, more because they have presented incorrect information than ignorance, but being opinionated and outspoken teachers we will no doubt argue our points and win the day!

High point so far? Well, I made a very nice smoked salmon wrap for my lunch.

I was given a new tablet laptop, so I spent some time getting it set up. Now when I doodle on my notes in meetings I will be able to not only doodle in colour and different pen widths, I will be able to save or email to friends as well!

It rained this afternoon the first time in weeks, and will probably rain all this coming long weekend, which doesn’t worry me in the least.

I suppose the very best thing is that I got permission to turn the raised beds in front of the library into a herb and vegetable garden. I have a senior home class this year (class years 10-12) and we will twin with a junior class, and as our project we are going to garden. What vegetables actually manage to survive we will either make into a meal and share, or the students can take home to their families. We may even get a worm farm!

My hope is to have a class that is a stress release to their day, build a sense of community amongst the students, and to get them in touch with nature (most of them are city kids). Everyone should know how to care for the earth, and to grow their own food. So  the whole project should be quite an interesting project, come what may.

And of course I shall wear pearls when we garden; all goddesses do!

Garden wall

In diving to the bottom of pleasure we bring up more gravel than pearls. Honore de Balzac

5 thoughts on “more gravel than pearls

  1. I had my meeting with the Literacy Coordinator in the stationary cupboard – two comfy chairs, a kettle and tea-tray, and the sure knowledge that no-one was going to find us there and interupt!


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