flooding 2013 style

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The flood waters are creeping down the main street of The Village. The locals are taking it in their stride with a horde of sightseers down watching the waters rise. In true Aussie spirit a group are sitting on the veranda of the pub, surrounded by flood water and drinking their way through the flood.

An automated telephone and text message came through to evacuate to the local high school but as we are much higher than the high school we are staying in our house (and probably wouldn’t get across the duck pond to get to it anyway!). We checked flood levels to ensure we were above known flood levels before we purchased the house.

We still have power, which amazes me. I hope it continues, but we are well stocked for torches and candles if need be. I froze water in large blocks to keep the freezer cold if the power does go out – I learnt a couple of things from the last flood even though it was in the city! This is when it pays to have a landline and a telephone handset that doesn’t work off electricity because if the power goes and mobiles go flat it is nice to have the old fashioned but dependable landline.

I suspect that school won’t be resuming on time, with Ipswich flooding to peak once at midnight on Monday and then again late on Tuesday. If it does, I know one teacher who will probably be absent!  Brisbane is expected to peak at noon on Tuesday and again on Wednesday. The Village is upstream from both and we are experiencing a peak tonight.

From our top garden terrace we watched the water gradually spread out across the plain and The Village. It really does look like an inland sea.

Tomorrow is another day, and we all hope the sun shines and everyone stays safe overnight. Two major floods in two years is traumatic and life destroying for so many people, some of whom are still to have their homes rebuilt after the last flood in 2011. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

12 thoughts on “flooding 2013 style

  1. We finished up getting 250mm. There was some power flickering during the high winds which I suspect was branches falling across power lines, but we still have power.


    • I am certainly high if getting a little mouldy now! The flood waters are expected to peak Monday morning for us, but that depends on further rain of course. I feel so sorry for those people who lost so much, including loved ones during the 2011 floods. I expect they are finding it difficult to deal with the trauma and the memories.


  2. Pre-planning … checking out the flood plain, ‘collecting’ ice, making sure you DO have a means of communication … is very important. Too bad you cannot divert the excess water to places that need it, but even Flamingo Dancer’s powers are limited by some things.


    • I was wondering if I caused it complaining about the dry spell we have had since moving to the country! The rain is decreasing but the main part of town is awash. The water went off but we have tanks and switched to those. Amazingly the power is still on, so far so good!


  3. Stay safe and dry FD. It’s hard to imagine what must be going through the minds of those who suffered two years ago……well I have some idea…..it’s probably like waiting for a cyclone to hit. You feel totally powerless to do anything except move to a safer place.


    • I think a lot of people who were just hanging on will be tipped over the edge this time around. Having stupid Campbell Newman telling people it was all going to be ok and then hours later getting an alert 15 minutes before the water was hitting doesn’t encourage anyone.Sun breaking through this morning.


  4. Glad to hear about the bit of sunshine. Very good that you are on a hill and have water tanks! And ice blocks. Very good planning!
    We do have a generator because of the ice storms that often down power lines around here.
    I hope the worst is about past!


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