grey skies and soggy feet

Flood Laidley Jan 2013 047

Flood Laidley Jan 2013 040

Overhead the poor man sitting on his patio (above) talking on his mobile and saying that the water was starting to drop. He has blue plastic pushed into all the weep holes in the walls of his house.

Flood Laidley Jan 2013 041

The frogs were in absolute frog heaven as we passed this area of grassland (below). They were croaking in absolute harmony and delight. There must have been a horde of them but they were all well hidden from our sight.

Flood Laidley Jan 2013 055

We lost town water, but were able to switch over to tank water. The power is still on which is amazing and I hope it stays that way, but anything can happen. Rain has been interrupted by periods of sunshine today, so maybe the worst is over for our area. As we passed the local high school which is being used as an evacuation centre Mr FD remarked that “There is a lot of agony in there”. Many of those within would have been flooded in 2011. The main business area is under water so life in general will be disrupted for some time. I fear some won’t make it back again. Cities down stream are yet to peak but expected to be lower than 2011.

Living the moment…

6 thoughts on “grey skies and soggy feet

  1. I’m glad you are getting through okay, but it is sad to think of the businesses that have been hit a second time, and people whose homes are underwater.
    A back-up water supply is a great concept.


  2. Good to know you and Mr FD are well and safe but I do feel bad for those who have been effected. Small Businesses struggle to survive in good times, disasters like this can really push them to the brink.
    How lovely of you to support the shoe shop! It will make her day I’m sure. One can always use a new pair of shoes… 😉


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