after the rains

kangaroo girl

Sunlight glittered on wet leaves for the first morning in days, and she went unseen in the garden forest until she decided to move. Grey in the soaked green and brown vegetation she hopped onto the grey driveway and followed it up the slope.

She stood at the boundary of our property and the neighbours, on alert, but confident of her position. A human voice in the distance caused her to twitch her head ensuring her safety before she hopped forward and disappeared behind the hedge of trees towards the open bushland.

The gift of living in the country, living with nature.




4 thoughts on “after the rains

  1. Wow! I’m curious: Here in Moses Lake, we used to think it so sweet when the deer invaded suburbia; now they are almost like vermin, there are so many, and they eat all the vegetable gardens, etc. Do kangaroos cause much mischief?


    • Oh yes. They are actually culled from time to time, and used for pet meat. They are also road hazards at dawn and dusk. I fear I won’t think them so lovely when we try to get our vege patch going. We have rural land from our back fence line so they have acres to roam. Most of the time they stay hidden there.


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