My year of lalalala bliss.


At one stage there was a plethora of blogs along the theme of my year… my year cooking with Julia Childs, my year not buying anything, my year of being Martha Stewart (obviously not the year she was in jail); my year of following Oprah’s advice. I think you get my drift.

Australia is in an election year, and the idea of doing a year without watching Australian news is becoming a very attractive idea. The tradition for Australian elections is that we all have an idea of when the latest date for the election can be, so we can expect it anytime before that date. It can even be years early if certain conditions prevail, such as when an easily persuaded, alcohol loving, needy Govenor General is involved. So, with a vague idea of when the election will be, one day we wake to the news that the Prime Minister has called on the Govenor General and the government has gone into caretaker mode. The big day is set. On average we have about 6 weeks of media saturated electioneering.

Except this year. This year our Prime Minister has already nominated the date – a Saturday in September, conveniently between a couple of different football grand finals. So instead of a few weeks of torture, this election is streching over months. Perhaps Julia Gillard saw how Obama turned the election around by having a long run at the voters and hopes it will work a miracle for her. We do like to minic the Americans after all. Hence my consideration of a year, well at least several months, without participation in the political discourse.

I have already made up my mind about which team gets my vote, not so much because I think my choice actually deserves my vote, but this time around, more that I detest the idea of a sneaky little two faced bigot being our Prime Minister. I don’t think my vote will stop that happening though, but at least I will have the right to moan about the lttle git when he is elected.

The negativity, the lying, the betrayal of social justice, on both sides is more than my delicate nature can take. Then there is the lack of critical thinking of the great unwashed, who particiapte in their own subjugation.

Not that I want to avoid world news, or what in happening in my local area. I think my choice is to sit on the couch, fingers in my ears, eye shut and lalalalalaling whenever a politician appears on the television screen. Otherwise I might just pop a pooffoo valve and that would not be very lady like for a goddess.

I just wish they would stop playing the politician and discuss the real issues. Not the issues they manipulate for their own agenda, nor the issues the media beats up to fill the 24 hour news cycle, but the issues that mean something to we, the people. Education, health, job … not politican’s expense accounts, or who has done more 3 minute sound bites for the six o’clock news over the last year. I don’t think I will miss seeing them in a variety of yellow safety jackets and hard hards, or white coats and hair nets, or sitting in mining trucks.

Whatever the outcome I know I am going to be disappointed. Long may we debate the behaviour of the politicians, but you know what, we, the people, are the ones who elect them. We send them off to be narrow minded and bipartisan on our behalf. If we enable them to behave like badly behaved children then what more can we expect?

Perhaps not watching, listening or reading about their performances won’t change history, but it will lower my blood pressure and maybe even lengthen my life span. For once ignorance may well be bliss!

7 thoughts on “My year of lalalala bliss.

  1. Yep. We gripe about our politicians, but we’re the ones who voted for the bastards.

    I’ve found that ignoring all political talk is a good thing. I may be out of touch and badly misinformed. But my blood pressure is a lot healthier.


  2. I think a well phrased letter to Her Majesty or even better a private one-to-one will convince Her to hand over the keys to Oz to our Goddess Flamingo and immediately dissolve parliament and send the little lizards back under their stones. Your stick would be bejewelled and your perfectly coiffured hair wouldn’t need a crown. Immediate by-laws could be written up based on common sense and chic dress codes.
    Yeah, I think it could work.


  3. During our big election year in 2012, I just stayed away from the TV. I listened to the radio while driving, but it’s easy enough to change the channel and listen to just music. Lots of cheerful music. I did read news magazines and newspapers, but it’s easier for me to digest politics in print rather than having it shoved in my face every hour in commercials and so-called news channels.

    It didn’t hurt that California was not considered a swing state—the GOP had already given us up to Obama—so we saw very few TV ads, billboards and the like. We had one congressional race that got quite heated, but it resulted in one cynical career politician getting unseated by a progressive candidate, a very cute (in my opinion) pediatrician who promised to focus on health and education.

    I think dderbydave is right. Why don’t you proclaim yourself Empress of All Oz?


  4. I look back quite fondly now on the “short” lead in to elections there. Here we’re already talking about 2016! I don’t get to vote in either country now so I do try to keep my political thoughts to myself…


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