May I introduce …

My grand daughter – in this photo she is approximately three hours old. Under her pink cap she has a head of thick black hair.

petite fille

petite fille

She weighs 7lbs 15 ozs and is perfect in every. She has a very pretty, feminine name that mean elegance ,intellegence, wit, and wise. A perfect choice!

She has stolen our hearts already.

30 thoughts on “May I introduce …

  1. GFD has a good ring to it. I hope your daughter came through it all ok. Thank you for sharing the newborn photos with us. Will we be buying cute girl baby clothes with at least one flamingo on? 7lbs 15 is a good weight for a little girl. Love the newborn face. Congrats again!!!


    • Her Daddy has a thing for monkeys, so her nursery is dominated by a monkey motif, but I suspect one or two glitzt flamingo outfits will be in her closet!
      She has lost the puffy new born look and has the cutest button nose.


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