sleeping beauty

Evelyn Rose 24 Feb 2013 004

Petite Fille is now a whole day old! She looks even more beautiful, now that she has lost her “just hatched” appearance. She had a restless first night, but slept soundly through our visit today. I won’t get to visit her until next week now, as I will be working all week, but we have plenty of time for kisses and hugs, a lifetime in fact.

Isn’t life just wonderful?

21 thoughts on “sleeping beauty

  1. Do I detect a lift in your tone today? 🙂 She is beautiful. I shouldn’t blame you if you have a hard time focusing on work this week; it would be hard not to think of such a bonny granddaughter.


    • I wish I could spend more time getting to know her, but I have to remind myself that we have a lifetime to do that now that she has arrived. I do notice that I am walking around with a smile all the time. I am sure it will wear off soon.


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